The Frog Story



Summer Rose was told bedtime stories by her Mom each night before going to sleep. Her Mom felt like this was the best time and Summer Rose would remember them better.

It was a cool summer evening and Summer Rose and her Mom were sitting on the front porch looking at the stars.

Summer Rose heard the frogs and she giggled at them, her mother said, Summer Rose never laugh at the animal or the sound an animal makes because they have special powers and they may hear you.

This excited her and she wanted to know all about the frog and what powers they have.

Her Mom was the best story teller and she knew that always parts of the story were true and parts legend.  Stories that had been passed down for years and years.

Once up on a time there was a little boy who laughed at frogs and his skin became like a frog, so be very careful and never laugh or hurt animals. This little boy had a bad habit of throwing rocks at the frogs and disturbing their homes. The little boy was led into the woods one day by a very smart frog  that knew he would follow him. As the frog jumped into the pond and was floating away on a huge lily pad, the little boy jumped in after him, and when he did, the pond opened up and the little boy went deep under the lily pads. There beneath the water was a perfect little village with many, many girls and boys that were turning into frogs.

A few days went by and the boys Father and Mother missed him so much, they decided to look around the pond and they heard the children laughing and playing .The only way to get their children out of the pond was to drain it and pray the children could get out from under the huge lily pads and this is what they did. The children got out safely but most of them had skins like a frog and made noise like a frog. It took many, many days for the skin to change back to normal and their voices to change back.

So Summer Rose never be mean to an animal or make fun of how they were created. Because we were all created according the maker of all things.

Summer Rose knew she would never forget this story.

The next few days went by and she heard the frog over and over again and decided to check out where he lived. She saw the weeds move and went closer and closer and as she did, there he was, the biggest frog she had ever seen. She sat upon a rock and just looked a him, but as she sat he never moved, then she decided it was time to go home, as she moved he hopped. This made her laugh, she turned and ask him if he wanted to go home with her. She remembered the story her Mother had told her. She had a beautiful pond full of lily pads he could live under and she smiled and walked away. As she did the Frog jumped behind her and followed her home, she went to the pond and he jumped in and sat on a big Lilly Pad and stared at her and made a beautiful sound as if to say, thank you.  Now every evening as the sun goes down, Mr. Frog makes a deep funny noise, which Summer does not laugh at, she knows he's saying good night to Summer Rose and to thank her for giving him a home and making him feel safe.

Harriett Dash 9/4/08


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