Summer Rose


Summer Rose is my name and I am a very special doll.
I was meant to be where I am today, at the Story Lady's house.

Special Event By:  Harriett Dash

The "All Nations Green Corn Festival and Powow" was being held in Bland Va.

There were so many lovely Indian ladies around and one I met in particular was Julie Carter.  She told stories of Indian legends. I noticed how much attention the children paid to her. It inspired me.

I bought a book about Indians and their heritage and one story caught my attention, it was about a rose, it was a Cherokee Rose. The rose bloomed because of the tears that were shed by many Indian maidens and mothers.  The story was called the Trail of Tears.  I tell you this because it has so much to do with why I purchased Summer Rose.

While shopping in town my sister Deneice and I went into store. There were many dolls, all beautiful but for some reason I kept going back to this particular doll.  I would pick her up and then place her back on the shelf, but for some reason I couldn't leave her there.

I believe there are signs given to us for many different reasons, to bring our talents to the front and to be used of God to bless others.

Summer Rose's birthday is in April of 2008 and my authenticity numbers are 177, also her name is Summer Rose, like the Cherokee Rose.. These are magic numbers for me because the numbers in my life are the number 17 and my son was born in April. It was a perfect relationship between Summer Rose and myself.  My sister Deneice purchased the doll for me which was also meant to be and here's the story why.  The next few days I decided to go through Amanda Grace's closet and there on a hanger was an outfit that had never been worn with a tweedy bird on it, which is the name we all call my sister.  The outfit she has on was here waiting for her to wear, another sign she, "Summer Rose", was meant to be where she is today.  I hope to say there will be stories to come from the meeting of two hearts.

My imagination will somehow make "Summer Rose " real in the hearts of children as I travel through time in their hearts and minds.

Harriett Dash 8/10/08
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