Strawberries And Honey



Strawberries and Honey

Summer Rose's mom always kept a jar of honey and strawberries, it sits on the shelf for everyone to see, she can't remember it not being there.

Mom planted fresh strawberries every summer behind the garage, the shade was perfect, just enough sun to make them bloom. Summer Rose kept watch on them all summer waiting so she could eat them.

Every year starting from the age of two she was told the story of the Indian girl who ran away and Strawberries and Honey brought her back home. She was told to always keep a jar of strawberries and honey in her home, it was part of her heritage. it was to remind her to never hold her anger inside of her.

The story goes like this.

An Indian maiden was upset one day with her husband and she ran away. As the husband came home, he called out to her but she didn't answer and as he looked through the forest, he saw her running, he couldn't understand.

He called upon the Great One and ask him, what must I do to get her back, she is running so fast. The Great One ask him what he did and he didn't know so they talked it over and the Great One said, I will try to stop her and give her a moment to think as to why she is angry.

The Great One placed a beautiful tree in front of her path full of white blossoms, but she didn't stop, she just glanced and kept running, she was still angry. So then he place a beautiful Huckleberry bush in her path, she glanced at it but still kept running.

The Great one knew how curious women were so he decided to place a plant she couldn't see, hidden in the Forrest but yet one she could smell, due to her being so curious, she'd have to look for it, that would slow her down.

All of a sudden she stopped and wondered, where is that wonderful smell coming from. Then she stopped and started walking toward the smell slowly, she parted the bushes and looked down on the ground, then she saw the most beautiful red berries and they smelled so good, she tasted one and then she thought, I must take some home to my husband, he'll loved these.

She had forgotten why she was angry. As she placed them in her dress to take home she gathered as many as she could. When she got home she wanted to preserve them to keep them for days. She had a large container of honey on the shelf, so she put some of strawberries in the container with the honey.  Now to this day the Indians believe that if you keep a jar of honey with strawberries in it, you will forget why you are angry with one another. Summer Rose's mom will teach her to make Strawberry Jelly at a very early age.  Meanwhile Summer Rose eats all she can and gathers all she can in her little bucket, she also takes some next door to Delaney to share with her.

The Indians also make strawberry jelly with lots of sugar or honey to always have something sweet that will keep .

Summer Rose loves the story so much and some day she will tell this story to her children.

Indians believe in telling their children all the legends and stories as soon as possible to keep their Indian heritage going as we should also do with our children.

Harriett Dash 11/12/08


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