Roller Skates And Summer Rose



Roller Skates and Summer Rose

Many times Summer Rose had tried to roller skate, she didn't think it was hard as she watched the other kids on theirs. Her Mom had bought her knee pads and elbow pads and she seem to wear them out. She wasn't giving up but she just had to figure it out.

She was sitting on the steps one day and it was beautiful out and she was so sad, she dreaded the falling down again but knew she had to learn.

All of a sudden two boys went flying by her, on roller skates, they were like the wind. They had perfect balance, the way she wanted to skate.

Like the wind, why had those words came to her? She remembered the stories of how important the spirit of the wind is and to believe in it.

It was march and the wind was warm and just right. The leaves were flying around the trees were waving and she thought I need to figure this out. She took her skates off and went inside. Her Mother was sitting at the table and she ask her, "what should I do?" So her mother told her,  "tonight before you go to bed, go to your window, look unto the heavens from where the wind comes and talk to the wind."

That night as Summer Rose got ready for bed, she said her prayers and then went to her window and looked out. As she spoke she bowed her head in respect for the God of the wind and the Maker of all things.

She began this prayer as if it were a chant as the Indians do.

"Great maker of all, I see the sky.

I watch the stars of night go by.

I call upon the spirit of the Wind.

Spirit wings for him to send.

Summer Rose felt a gentle warm breeze in her hair and across her face. She knew he had heard her prayer. She laid her head on her pillow and slept through the night.

The next morning she couldn't wait to tell her Mother what she had felt. Her Mother smiled as she told the story of the warm breeze. So Summer's Mom went to her room and got her the wild feathers and the head band and placed them upon Summer Rose's head.

Now my little Indian Princess, get those skates on and fly like the wind, and may the Spirit of the wind guide you.

Summer Rose put on her knee pads and her elbow pads in hopes she wouldn't need them.

With the confidence she needed she waited for the wind and when it came, off she went like a summer breeze on her roller skates. Summer Rose just needed to believe in herself and all it took was a nice warm summer breeze.

Harriett Dash 10/28/08


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