Summer Rose



Heritage of Summer Rose



Her Mom and Dad.

Summer Rose's Mom was a Cherokee named Marie, in the beginning her name was just  Marie Morning Dew and her Dad, well, he was a big time rodeo star by the name of Joey Mantenya. He was also of Indian heritage.

Their meeting was meant to be as you can read in the story of "The Picture".

Summer Roseʼs Grand Mother was a great artist as most Indian people are, they learn from childhood to paint. Summer Roseʼs Mother Marie came upon a picture that her Grand Mother had painted of herself and her Mother as a child.

Marie Morning Dew, Summer Rose's mother was an art collector and travel to many places to find different pieces of art, never did she think that she would discover this one particular painting. There were only two like it in the world, she had one that her Mother had given her and now she had found the original one her Grand Mother had painted.

Summer Roseʼs Momʼs name is Marie Mantenya and her Grand Mother was Morning Dew because she took the name of Summer Roseʼs Grand father .

Summer Roseʼs great Grand Fatherʼs name was Taiwan.

Many of the stories you will read are of stories that have been told to Summer Rose and then some of them are stories of what she thinks and things she will learn from her parents and grand parents.

Harriett Dash Aug. 2008


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