Summer Rose's First Snow


Summer Rose's First Snow

Summer Rose woke up and was she ever surprised.  It was her first snow. She had always lived in places that were warm and no snow.  She had Amanda to stay overnight and Amanda was sleeping so sound.  Summer Rose shook her to wake up and look out the window.  Amanda smiled, she had seen snow before but she knew Summer Rose hadn't.

Summer Rose just wanted to sit in front of the window and look out. Amanda had spent the night with Summer Rose and she had seen snow many times and even been out in it so she just watched Summer Rose's eyes watch each flake.

They watched as the flakes fell to the ground. Amanda said, you know I read somewhere that no two snow flakes are just alike.  Summer Rose was so surprised.  Oh, how could that be, there must be millions of them.  Lets open the window just a little Amanda said, we'll look at a few of them. So they pushed and pushed but couldn't.

Summer Rose ran and got her Mom, and ask her please to let them look for a few minutes to see if they could find one just alike.  Marie laughed and said okay.  She unlocked the window and opened it just a little so the snow flakes would fall inside. But it seemed as if soon as they landed they were gone.  "Why is that?" Summer Rose asked.

"Well" Marie said, "honey, when they get warm they melt and are gone. We'll put some in a bowl and put them in the freezer and you girls can look at them later on."   "Oh can we also have some of those ice icicles too?" Amanda asked.

Amanda's Mom had put them in the freezer many times for later on in the summer, the kids loved it especially in the summer time.

"Why sure, I don't see why not."  so she reached as far as she could and got a few and hurried to the freezer to put them in.  She put them in a freezer bag and told the girls, "now this summer you'll have something to remember your first snow by."

Amanda asked Summer's Mom if they could go out and play in the snow.

"I'm not sure,"  said Marie, "let me check and see how cold it is."  Well it was just to cold to go out so she said, "I know, we'll make home made ice cream."

Oh how happy they both were, they wanted to do all they could to help.

Marie said, "I'll have to go out and get some fresh snow."

She got a big bowl and told the girls to get cream and vanilla and eggs out of the fridge while she went out to get the fresh snow.

Before she went out she reached into the cupboard and got the sugar, the girls looked at each other, they giggled, they knew Marie didn't like for them to have sugar, they were to hyper already.

Now Marie had to read direction on how to make home made ice cream because she had not seen very much snow either.

She told the girls they could mix it and they would have to follow direction carefully.

They laughed and giggled and then they wanted to make hot chocolate.

It was such a nice day and to have Amanda over, that was even nicer.

Amanda was another friend that Summer Rose had met.  She knew that Amanda was going to be friends with her and Delaney.

The girls made their snow ice cream and some hot chocolate and Marie took a few pictures of them together.

They sat in front of the window and drew pictures and colored in their books.  They were very content now, their tummies full of home made ice cream and hot chocolate,

Summer Rose made Amanda laugh by saying, "wonder how long it will take for summer to be here so we can take the icicles out of the freezer?"


Amanda And Summer Rose

Harriett Dash  11/21/08


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