Summer Rose Has A Favorite Aunt


Summer Rose's Aunt Nunee


Summer Rose Has A Favorite Aunt
(Dedicated to Ann Joyce)

Mom has a secret to tell Summer Rose. Her very favorite Aunt is coming to visit.  They call her Nunee.  Now there is a story behind her name and Summer Rose loves for her Mom to tell it.

Aunt Nunee's knee wore out and she had to have a new one. Summer Rose remembers the day like yesterday.  She came in from playing and her Mom had tears in her eyes.  She ran and hugged her neck.  "What's wrong Mommy, what is it?"

Mom told Summer Rose that her Aunt Ann has to have surgery and she was just worried about her.  She explained to her about how different parts of your body can wear out when you get older and that Aunt Ann's knee was hurting her so bad.

Summer began to cry too and Mom told her it was okay that they would pray about it and it would be fine.

Mom said, "Summer Rose, we can give Aunt Ann a new name.  We'll call her New Knee."  That made Summer Rose smile. "Oh Mommy, we'll write it different so it can seem like an Indian name, we'll spell it Nunee and we'll make her a Indian princess."

The day came for Aunt Ann to go to the hospital and Summer Rose was so upset.  She went to Aunt Ann's bed and hugged her neck and told her about her new name.  Aunt Ann smiled.  Summer Rose then felt better knowing she smiled, that meant she liked it.

The doctor came in and told them they would have to go to the waiting room.  It seemed as if hours passed and Summer fell asleep on Mom's lap.

She had a dream and she seen angels going around and around and in the middle of the room was a bed.  Summer Rose in her dream got up and walked over to the bed, in the bed was Aunt Ann and she was smiling.

The angels were laughing, their wings were like gold and sprinkles of gold fell all around.  Aunt Ann was in a white robe and she got up from the bed and danced around with the angels.  She had gold in her hair like a queen.

Mom looked down at Summer Rose as she slept and noticed she had a smile on her face.  Mom lifted up Summer Rose and woke her up.  "Come on" she said, "we can go and see Aunt Ann, she's going to be fine."  Summer Rose looked at Mommy and said, "I know she is Mommy, I know she is, Jesus showed me in a dream."

Harriett Dash  11/7/08


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