RC Looks Over The Twins

Kimmy does not like for RC to tickled her toes.  It makes her laugh out loud.  She would pull them away but she doesnít know how yet.  She is so tiny.  RC does not mean to tickle them but he likes to hear her laugh.  His furry paw is so soft so when he holds her little feet he tries not to tickle her, but it still tickles so much. Whoops!  I think he is in trouble.  Andy is learning forward to get a hold on him. Andy is stronger so he reaches and grabs RC and slobbers all over him. "Yuck!"  RC says and tries to pull away but it looks like Andy has a hold on him.  RC squirms and squirms until he is away and he sits back again and looks at them, he may be in for a little bit of trouble on these two.

Amanda is watching but as she can see, Kimmy and Andy can hold their on with RC so she just  watches.  She then decides its time to step in so she gets behind the twins and tells RC to go to bed now, time to quit tickling the twins.  Beside she is a  little jealous.   She loves RC for her self and does not want him to love the twins more than her.

So RC goes to bed and Amanda plays with her little brother and sister.  They love their big sissy.  Amanda just treats them like baby dolls because they are so small. When they get tired she calls for Mom to come and get them. They canít roll over yet so they are safe on the bed with her.  When they get hungry they sure can make a lot of noise.  Amanda gets to hold their bottles and she likes that.

There are pictures of RC, Kimmy and Andy in Amanda's Photo Album 

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