RC Goes Hiking

Well the big day was here and RC was going hiking for the first time. He was looking for his hat.  He has a special hat and it has his initials on it. He is looking everywhere and finally he looked under the bed and there it was.  He had to find his canteen to put water in because he knew he would get thirsty.  Hiking boots are special boots also and had to be just right but he didn't have any so he called Amanda and ask her if he could borrow hers.  Of course it was OK with Amanda. RC was beginning to realize how important it was to put your stuff away.  

This was his first trip so he knew he had to pack a lunch too and then he had to have a big stick, he saw hikers on TV and they had big sticks.  He wondered, if maybe it was for chasing big bears and tigers away.  Well he wasn't afraid of big bears and tigers. He was a tough little teddy bear.

He woke up early the next morning and got all dressed.  There was a wooded area in the back of his house so off he went. In about 10 minutes he was hungry so he sat down and ate his lunch and drank his water and played with the big stick on the ground thinking 'if I see a tiger or a lion I will chase it away'.  Then all of a sudden he heard a noise,  it sounded like a low growl.  Oh my goodness! he thought it was a lion or a tiger.  His little paw was shaking.  The bush was shaking real hard. He got up and took off running real fast and he could hear the big lion or bear or tiger running behind him.  He was too scared to look back.  He ran in the back door and then he looked to see what it was.  It was "Fuzzy" the puppy and he stopped and just wagged his tail from side to side.  He just wanted to play tag with RC  Well RC went outside and hugged Fuzzy.  He knew he was not ready to go on any hiking trips.

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  Harriett Dash 2002