How Boo Boo got his name.

When Amanda was just a little over one year old she was trying to walk, she was having a terrible time. One day she was holding on to the tables and the arms of the chairs and down she went, she hurt her little knee so bad. Mom picked her up and kissed it and she said wait a minute and I will get boo boo bear.

Well Boo Boo bear is a little bear that kisses the hurt and makes it all better. Amanda got Boo Boo bear when she turned one year old, from then on she called him Boo Boo bear and whenever she gets hurt to this day she cries for him. It just seems to make it all better when he kisses her. Little Boo Boo has a heart for a nose and he wears his little red cap all the time.

Boo Boo was a little bear
His little heart was full of care.

If you hurt or fell down
Boo Boo Bear was always around.

He would kiss the pain away
Sit and wait for another day.

His little nose was cute and red
He's so soft hed fit right in your bed.

So if you hurt and dont have a bear
Find Boo Boo, he has a heart full of care.

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