How Amanda Began

There I was in that great big toy store, with so many other toys. I was still so lonely, I knew the  perfect person would come and get me if only I would be patient and believe.  Every little girl that went by would reach for me and cry but I knew she wasn't the one because her Mommy had to love me too. At night I would tell the others, she is coming you wait and see. They would just snicker and laugh and say "poor Amanda".  You see there were so many pretty dolls that would talk and do ABC's and giggle, but I did none of those things. I was different from the rest. I could only do what the imagination of a little girl could do.  

She had to be a very special little girl with thoughts of playing and tea parties and trips to the park and church. Yes then it happen one day,  there I was sitting high upon the shelf.  You see even the toy store owner did not think I would be picked.  I was very sad but then I heard a whisper, "here she comes". I looked all around for a little girl laughing and playing but did not see anyone like that. But there was a kind lady and she was very picky about her baby dolls.  I knew I would have to be on my best behavior.  I put a smile upon my face and begin to think with all my might.  "Please pick me, please pick me".  

Then she stopped and looked me right in the eye. She said "excuse me, are you talking to me"? It's a wonder my smile didn't crack my face.  I knew it enlarged my heart.  She looked all around and then back at me.  Oh yes she said I heard you, what is your name?  I thought with all my might. "Amanda" I said so quietly and giggled.  She stepped back and then she ask, would you like to go home with me?  I have a granddaughter I'd like for you to meet.  I shook in my box so hard I almost fell off the shelf, she laughed and caught me. She said be real still and as soon as I get you out of this store I will take out of  that old box.

I never said another word. As soon as she got me in the car she began to untie and break plastic and smile.  I knew I had found a home.  It was Christmas time and I was so excited.  I couldn't wait to see the children.  Well to my surprise there were no children anywhere but I knew with all my heart she had children hidden somewhere.  She put  me in a special box with a change of clothes and even put little air holes in it and told me to be very quiet.  I was a surprise for a little girl, well it did hurt my heart to think she may give me away but I knew she would do what was best for me.

The day came and I could hear laughter and fun in all the house, my heart was pounding so loud I know some one heard it.  It was Christmas morning and I was to be born.  Amanda Grace was my name and I was born on Christmas day 1999.  I felt hands so gentle and kind reach for me and lift me up.  I knew I had found a home to live in now and forever.  She would not let me leave her house. She told the children they could come and visit me anytime they wanted but I was to stay with her. I am so happy, I get to go to church and on picnics and have tea parties anytime I want.  I am so loved and she understands me.  

To my surprise there are other baby dolls just like me and they are happy too. You see only in the imagination and the creativity of our owner can we become real.  Are Baby dolls real?  If you think so...they are.  We are as young as we feel and look as young as we think we are if we stay in an imaginary world of make believe.

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