Benjamin Scares Amanda

On this special day little Benjamin decided to go tree climbing and to also scare his sister Amanda.  Benjamin was all dressed and ready to play so Mom put him in the back yard. There was a little tree in the back yard and Benjamin loved it because the branches were real low and he could climb it. He loved to sit on the first branch behind the leaves and hide, he thought no one could see him.

Amanda was to watch him and play with him and help him to have a fun day.  She loved watching him, he was her little brother and so cute.  Amanda said "I will go get us some cookies and milk and I will be  right back", she knew he loved cookies and milk. While she was in the house Benjamin knew this was his chance to hide and scare Amanda.  He climbed up on the first branch and put his face behind the leaves.  Amanda was watching from the window and saw him get in the tree and she smiled, she knew what he was up to.

Amanda went outside and put the cookies and milk on the table, she looked all around, "Benji" she called, "Benji,  where are you?" she could hear him giggle, she called again and he giggled again. She went over and stood under the little tree branch and called again. Benjamin jumped down and yelled "Boo" and Amanda fell to the ground. "Oh, you scared me so bad" she said and hugged her brother and he just laughed and laughed. he said "you best sissy in da whole worl". 

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