Amanda Wants A Tree house

Amanda wants a tree house but Mom thinks they are for boys only. So Amanda has to convince Mom its okay and girls can have club houses too. She goes into the kitchen and climbs up to the table and says, "Mom, we need to have a talk".  Mom has her back turned but a smile on her face, she thought it was so cute how Amanda had said that but, she took the smile off and got a very serious look for Amanda.

"Well young lady, just what do we need to talk about?" She sat down across from her.

"Well" Amanda said, "I want a tree house and I think we can make a deal if you let me have one."

"Oh really", Mom said, "just what kind of deal?"

"If you let me have one when Benjamin gets big enough I will give it up to him. I won’t say a word and I will even help him change it into a boys tree house if he wants me to."

HMmmm...thought Mom, now that's a good idea and that way Dad would only have to build one. "Okay young lady, that sounds good to me but if you don’t mind, can I help you with it just a little?"

"Oh Mom, I would love that because I want little windows and curtains up and rugs down, just like a play house but up in a tree. Do you think Dad would let me help him and drive some nails and stuff like that?"

"you will have to talk to Dad about that but I am sure if you want he will let you."

It seemed as if the days went by so slow, the waiting for Dad to get time to start on it. She called Stephanie and told her first because Stephanie could read and write good and she would need her to put some writing on it. Then she called Crissy and Cricket , they were as excited about it as Amanda. After she called Connie and told her, Connie wanted to come right over but Amanda explained it wasn’t built yet, Dad was getting the stuff together for it. Connie asked if she could pick out the curtains and maybe the color of paint...well...Amanda knew right then she was going to have a problem, all the girls wanted to do things and Amanda wanted to do most of it her self because it was her idea to have one built.

She called for Mom and told her she needed to talk to her again and so Mom listened. After Amanda told her about the girls wanting to do everything and she wanted to do it her Mom told her this.

"Amanda the girls are your friends and want to be a part of all you do and after all what good would the new tree house be if they weren’t there. If they do some little something, each of them will feel like they have helped to make it more beautiful."  Amanda thought on that and she felt much better, she realized she was being a little selfish and after all like Mom said, it wouldn’t be any fun without her friends. So her and Mom lined up something for all of them to do so they could help.  Now that was fun.

It was Saturday morning and Amanda woke up to the sound of a hammer and nails being driven and a saw cutting wood. Her heart started pounding as she jumped out of bed and looked out the window.  Dad was working on her tree house, he already had the wood in the tree for the floor and was working on the sides of it and she could see the little opening for the windows. She ran downstairs and screamed for Mom, "Oh Mom, dad is working on it and it is looking so pretty, can we go shopping and get curtains and paint and rugs for it?"

"Now Amanda, you have to call the girls and see if they can go and then we will go pick out what ever you want."  Amanda got a sad look on her face, she wanted to do this but she remembered what Mom had talked to her about. She got on the phone and asked Crissy, Cricket and Stephanie and Connie if they could go and look at some stuff for the tree house. Stephanie screamed out so loud and was so excited that Amanda felt so ashamed of her self and then Crissy said,  yes so fast she forgot to ask her Mom, so she said she would call back and then Connie had already ask her Mom when Amanda got it ready if she could help and got permission so she was ready. Cricket was quiet for a moment and then just burst out in giggles, of course Amanda expected that of Cricket.

It was around 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon and all the girls were gathered at the bottom of the tree just looking up. Dad kept saying "Girls, you’re going to have to go and get out of the way now so I can finish."

They all moved back and waited for Mom so they could go to town. After they left, Dad remember the look on their faces he was so proud of what he was doing for them. He knew it was going to be a very long summer with girls giggling and running up and down the ladder. He fixed it real good and secure so there was no danger of anyone getting hurt. It would look like a real house when he got it finished. It was for his Baby and he wanted it just right. And by the look of things it was going to have to be a big one with all those little girls giggling and laughing.

The girls and Mom went to the mall and started looking at curtains, now that was a problem because one wanted this one and the other wanted the other so Mom said, "now lets see.. who’s in charge of curtains?"  It was Stephanie. Mom and Amanda had made a list so they would let one do something and another no. "Crissy you are in charge of picking out the color of the paint and Cricket you can pick out the rug that goes on the floor, Connie you pick our colored flashlights for all you girls."  Amanda stood there, Mom had not told her anything to do or pick out, then Mom looked at Amanda, "now honey, its up to you to make sure it all goes together and you put everything where it should go."  Amanda smiled real big and was happy. They ran through the store just talking and laughing about all they were going to do and how many nights they would spend in it, and most of all they had to decide on what to call it if they made a club house out of it.

By the time they got back Dad had it finished, Stephanie’s Dad had come over and helped him so it went a lot faster. They put little guard rails on each side of the ladder since it was for girls and they talked about it and said when Benjamin gets ready we will take these off. They put two windows in it and put a rope hanging with a pulley and a bucket on the end, so they could put stuff in so they would not have anything in their arms going up the ladder. He put a little porch around it and a railing so they could set outside and hang their legs over if they wanted.

Just about the time it was finished, the girls and Mom pulled into the driveway. They were laughing and talking and then they looked up..."Oh my goodness" screamed Amanda, "Oh Daddy, I love it!"  she said and ran and hugged his neck. The other girls just stared at it, it was beautiful. Dad explained about the bucket, he told them never to go up the ladder with one hand, always put your things in here and then use the pulley to bring it up to you.

They ran to the car and got the curtains and then ask Mom about painting.

Mom said, "well how about letting me do a little something to, I will help you paint it inside." The girls all looked at each other and nodded and said.. "Okay". That made Mom happy because she just imagined what those girls would look like if they painted.  Mom went up the ladder after putting a hammer and some nails in the bucket and then told the girls after she got them to put the curtains in ,then the rugs in the bucket and they could come up and pull them up.

Amanda was so happy, the only thing was she knew she would sure dread the day when Benjamin wanted her tree house but she knew a deal was a deal so she would not think about that right now.

By the end of the day it was all together and fixed and Mom went into the kitchen to fix them a snack to eat in their tree house. All was well and the girls were happy.

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