Amanda's Trip To Kentucky

Amanda is all strapped in, her seat belt is secure and Mom had put some blankets under her so she could see out the window.  She watched as the trees passed by and the clouds were beautiful, they were forming all kinds of animals and flowers, Amanda loved flowers especially daisy's. "Amanda, are you hungry,"  Mom asked?  "Yes I am" she said.  They stopped to eat and while they were eating Amanda could see RC looking out the window, she never went anywhere without RC.  "Mom she begged, can I go get RC and bring him in?"   "Of course Honey, I bet he's hungry" she said and smiled at Dad.  Mom knew how much Amanda loved RC  "I will watch him" she said "and he will be good, I promise."  She jumped down and ran to the car, she was very careful to look for cars. 

As she got to the car, RC fell to the seat, he didn't know it was Amanda and he doesn't want adults to see him.  "Its okay" she said and laughed" it's me" and they both laughed.  He wrapped his arms around Amanda and inside they went.  RC came alive in Amanda's arms.  "Now you have to be real quiet and set real still and not be up running around" she said and they both giggled.  He said, "I want a Pepsi and some popcorn". Amanda's Mom turned around, "did you say you wanted some Pepsi and popcorn?" she asked.  Amanda looked at RC and smiled," yes," she said I did.  "I'll show you" she said and she went with her Mom, when she came back, a little girl had RC and he was smiling.  Amanda said, "Please give me my teddy bear" and the little girl smiled and reached RC. to Amanda.  "He fell in the floor and called for me to come help him", the little girl said.  Amanda looked surprised, "did you hear him?" she asked the little girl. "Yes" she said.  "I have an RC bear also."  He laughed when I gave him some ice cream, he said it would make him feel better till you got back and they looked at RC and he had ice cream on his little vest.

Amanda looked at him and began to laugh, what is this on his ears she said, the little girl said its hair bows, they look so cute on him, you can have them if you want,  they belong to my RC bear. They both laughed. RC wasn't smiling anymore, he didn't like the hair bows at all.  Amanda wiped the ice cream off and took the hair bows out, she said  "he's a little boy and he doesn't like them." "Amanda lets go", her Mom called.  She hugged the little girl and said good bye and thank you for caring for him.

As soon as they got to the room Mom put Amanda's sleeper on her.  She put Amanda and RC to bed, they were really tired after a long day.  You could tell they were worn out, they snuggled up and fell asleep looking forward to the next day.  The next day Amanda went to the pool to watch the kids swim  and she loved it, every once in awhile she got splashed.  Her and RC had such a good time,  then a little boy picked up RC and wanted to put him in the pool, "No" said Amanda, he's to hard to dry.  But it was to late RC got wet and he laughed almost out loud.

RC had a great time but now he had to get rung out and he knew what that meant.  He remembered one time Benjamin, Amanda's baby brother had put him in the bath tub and Mom had to ring him out and every time she twisted him it tickled so much he knew he was going to laugh out loud and Mom would hear him.  "Sounds like RC is having a great time doesn't it??  Well Amanda picked him up and said "close your eyes RC this is going to tickle"   he did but he could laugh for Amanda.   Mom laid him in the window to get dry and he loved that.  Now he could see everything going on outside, the clouds and the cars and people running around having fun.

While RC was drying Amanda thought she'd write it all down so she could read it to Crissy and Connie and Stephanie when she got home. Amanda and RC had a great time in Kentucky and Amanda bought a little thing with a horse in it and it snowed when you turned it upside down.  She was so happy about her vacation in Kentucky.

There are lots of pictures from Amanda's trip in her Photo Album

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