Amanda's Trip

Well the day had come, Amanda needed her hair fixed, she needed a trim and only one person could do this and do it right, Brenda. You see I laugh when I think of this but one day Mommy cut her hair and she couldn't go out of the house, she look so funny. Amanda did not want to go, she cried and hid in her closet and then crawled under the bed. Her Mommy looked for her and called her, she just giggled and stayed under the bed, she thought Mommy didn't know where she was. Was she shocked, about 2 minutes later she felt something grab her leg and laugh and pull her from under the bed, Mommy knew her favorite hiding place. She tickled her and made her laugh so hard. Mommy explained it was okay that Brenda could fix her so pretty and afterwards she could  pick some pretty daises. Amanda loved daises, they are her favorite flower.

She gave her a bath and let her play in the water for awhile, well of course Amanda ran the tub full and swam around in the water till it splashed over the tub. Her toys are so much fun, her little doll that swims, she kicks her feet so fast, her little ducks, so many bath toys that make bathing fun. Mommy came in and told Amanda it was time to get dressed, well now Amanda got scared again, she had never been to a beauty shop and didn't want to go, she cried again and ask Mommy not to take her but Mommy explained again it would be fun and she would just love Brenda and Brenda had Baby Dolls in her shop she could play with, well now that makes its okay.

Amanda knew anyone who like Baby Dolls has to be nice. She got to the shop and the chair was so big and so high, she hung on to her Mommy's neck, but Brenda smiled and said, "here lets put you a little stool on the chair and you will be a big girl. So Amanda sat up so high just like a big girl and she liked Brenda. As she put the cloth around her, Amanda looked at her Mommy, she didn't understand this but Mommy said "its okay, its so hair won't get on your new dress". She looked around and saw a Rag doll on the sofa and the rag doll smiled at Amanda and told her it was okay and fun to get your hair cut and fixed, and then  Amanda relaxed.

Afterward Mommy sat Amanda next to the Rag doll and Amanda played and talked till time to go home. She was happy with her hair all fixed pretty and told Rag Doll she would never be afraid again. She asked Rag Doll if she lived there and she said yes, it was fun because you meet all kinds of nice people and they played and giggled till Amanda left.

Mommy stopped on the road and let Amanda pick her an arm full of daisies and she was happy again

There are pictures of Amanda's trip to the beauty shop in her Photo Album

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