Amanda's Baby-sitting Job

Amanda never dreamed it would so hard to watch her baby brother.  Benjamin had
just started crawling and could do a good job of it.  He was fast on his knees. Amanda wondered if she ever was that fast.  He looked so funny when he started, it
was like he would push off with one leg and then catch up.  She and Mom used to sit and laugh at him.  The day came Amanda dreaded,  the day she was asked to baby-sit with her brother.  Mom had some work to do around the house and she hated to put Benjamin in his bed or play pen so she ask Amanda to watch him for awhile.

Amanda turned the TV on thinking maybe he would sit with her and watch cartoons, well no way was this going to happen.  Amanda was watching and forgot about
Benjamin.  He crawled to the door and out he went. He climbed on the steps and laughed at the birds and watched kids playing in the street and then he got sleepy. He went into the yard and then he saw it, a cute little house.  He couldn't read but above the opening was a sign that read "Fuzzy's House".  Benjamin went inside and there  was "Fuzzy" their dog....

Benjamin snuggled up to him and went to sleep.  All of a sudden Amanda looked around and no Benjamin.  She yelled for her Mom..."Mom, I can't find Benjamin."  Amanda started to cry, she was scared.  Well, Mom had watched Benjamin go into the back yard and just let him go to see where he would go and then she picked him up and took him upstairs to bed.  Good Mothers never take their eyes off their babies.  But she had given Amanda a job to do, now she was going to let her be concerned about her mistake.  She told Amanda to look for him. 

Amanda ran to the back yard and she could not see Benjamin, she looked in the play house but never thought of looking in the dog house, "Gee" what child would crawl into a dog house.  She looked all around the yard but no baby, the yard was fenced in good so she thought maybe he had gone in the house.  The search began, Mom just watched her and then she began to laugh. "Amanda my child" she said, "Benjamin is asleep in his bed, you let the TV distract you from doing a job that required your full attention, so I know you are not old enough for this job yet.  We will work on it another time.  

Amanda went over to her sleeping brother and kissed him on the cheek.  She knew next time she would be ready.  It was scary to think maybe something may happen to her little brother.  Never accept a job you are asked to do if you feel you are not
ready.  Your Mom will understand.

There is a picture of Benjamin in Amanda's Photo Album

  Harriett Dash 2001