Amanda Has The Measles.

Poor Amanda has the measles and she canít go out for two weeks. The first time she noticed, she looked in the mirror.  She called for her Mom to come look. Her Mom just smiled at her and went and got Father, you see Amandaís dad is a doctor so she knew all was well.  She took Amanda and put her to bed, "now Honey", she said, "you have to stay in for at least three or four days till they are all gone, you may feel a little bad.  Dad took her temperature and it was starting to go up so he told Mom to just keep a cool washcloth on her head till it went down.  Well Amanda did feel bad.  She couldnít eat and she didnít rest.  RC came and laid with her and poor Benjamin wasnít allowed in the room.  He stood at the doorway and looked at Amanda.  "Do they hurt?"  he asked her.  "Can you feel them on you Amanda?"  "No,"  she said.   "I just donít feel really good.  I want to go out and play"  she said.  Poor Benjamin, he wasnít use to his big sister being in the bed.  RC just looked at Amanda and smiled,  he couldnít figure out where all the dots came from.  Amanda wanted to cry.  Her ear hurt and her throat just a little too.  She was hot.  Mom came in and sat with her and read her stories and put a cool wash cloth on her head like Dad had said to do.  She did like one thing,  she was the baby for now.  Mom stayed right there all the time,  anything she wanted.

Benjamin wanted to be with his sister so bad.  He begged Mom and she  told him in a few days he could go in and sit with his sister.  Poor Benjamin waited as long as he could.  He was not used to being away from her.  One night Benjamin sneaked into the room,  "Amanda"  he whispered, "Amanda"  he called again.  Amanda rolled over and smiled.  "It's okay"  she said "come on, Iím not hot, they are almost all gone and Mom said if I am not running a temperature its okay."  He smiled a real big smile.  Benjamin told his big sister  "Iím not feeling good can, I lay with you please?"  The next morning Amanda was almost all cleared up.  Mom came in the room to bring her breakfast and there was Benjamin,  she just smiled.  Of course as she looked closer she saw them, tiny red dots all over Benjaminís face.....

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