What is a Giggle Pot?

Once upon a time there was a village, there weren't many children so the towns people thought to themselves, we need to keep the children's laughter forever in a special place.  They had to figure out what it takes to make giggles so they began their search.  First they went to the forest to talk to an elf who knew everything.  The little elf had lived in the forest for years, as a matter of fact no one could remember him not being there.

As they entered the woods they could see shadows of dancing children all around a camp fire, and there were sticks with marshmallows laying everywhere. They yelled for the elf to come and talk to them.  The little elf came running and laughing.  "Yes" he said "Can I help you?"  "Yes" said the towns people. " We are afraid the children will grow up and leave and we will have no more. "Can you tell us how to keep the laughter when they are gone?" "Oh yes" said the little elf, "first we must find all the right ingredients and it has to be a Gold pot with diamonds and rubies around it because laughter and giggles are treasures."

The towns people gathered all around, talking to themselves. "Where can we get the right things?"  They decided to go to the children  and ask them to share their joy and all the things they love. So back to town they went and gathered all the children around and told them the story. The children were very good and they were always laughing and playing because they were so happy, yes they said we will help. This is what they got to go into the Giggle pot.

Beautiful flowers and a piece of wood from an old oak tree,  Kool-aid,  a hummingbird and a few honey bees.  Tiny shoes from the babies feet and a piece of ice in case of heat.  Tiny hair from a ponies back, and of course a little babies cap.  A picture of a barefoot boy and best of all a favorite toy. A little green frog from a little boys pocket , a fishing rod and a little girls locket.  A little drop of morning dew and few kisses from me to you.  A speck of dirt to go on the face and bubble gum and shoes that were wore in a foot race.  A jump rope and a swing, a poem to read and a song to sing.  A lightning bug to light up the way, so  in the darkest night you can find your way.   A puppy dog and a kitten to hug, a few words that rhyme with love. "Oh yes"  said the elf,  we have all we need but one more thing to go inside. Now to stir the pot something special we will have to have, "OH yes the most important ingredient,  mom and dad.  

Now put them all together and put the lid on tight then before the morning comes and all through the night,  you'll hear laughter and giggles coming from the pot.  Put in the secret combination which is  "A GIGGLE" and there you are,  the Giggle Pot! 

When ever a tear falls upon this pot this is what happens. You began to smell the flowers and see the honey bees,  up will pop a big oak tree with a swing, the little babies will dance in their tiny shoes and little boys and girls will come and get you to ride the pony in the meadows.   Your pockets will fill with little frogs to tickle you and you will see a barefoot boy running throughout the forest in a pair of racing shoes.  In his hand will be a fishing rod and he'll want you to come and play. He will offer you bubble gum and you can jump rope and swing and sing a new song.  You'll have a puppy to hug and a kitten that purrs and most of all laughter and love.  Your face will get dirty but you won't care, you can wash it away with a cool piece of ice.  If you fall down a kiss will take the pain away.

The elf then said,  "be very careful with this pot, it is full of the most precious things in life.  Never forget the combination,  A Giggle!  Off the towns people went with joy and laughter in their hearts, they had the secret of life in a tiny Golden pot.

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