Two Little Girls

Once up on a time there were two little girls and they had all kinds of fun together until one day, one cold dark rainy day. This was on a Friday, on a Friday the 13th. You know how you hear stories how scary things happen on Friday the 13th.  Well these girls did not believe in this so they set out to spend the day at a hunted house just to prove the stories wrong. One of the older girls at school dared them , telling them they were chicken and couldn't do it. They set out to prove they could. Beth had stayed all night with Sandy and they were waiting for Mom and Dad to go to sleep so they could sneak out of the house to go to the hunted house.

Now The story begins:

As they open the door, things like bats and birds and moths flew all around and spider webs got tangled in their hair, they screamed as loud as they could and just stood there. Then they looked at each other and laughed. Gee whiz Sandy said, its just a few old birds and moths, they can't hurt us.   Really saying it kinda shaky.  Beth was still a little frighten, she really didn't like birds because one day one flew at her and peck her on the head.

They set out on their journey, as they looked up the big flight of steps they looked at each other wondering "what's at the top".  You see the story is "Old Man Handson" the yard keeper had died in the house and he had never came out, his ghost was still there, and any children that went in never came out. He loved children and they loved him so they never wanted to leave.  Well Beth and Sandy did not believe in ghost either. They had their back packs on their back and all the things they needed, flashlight and candles just in case and snacks to do them through the night.  Each step went  creek, creek, but they went to the top and just as Beth stepped on the step, down she went, the step was so rotten it crushed under her feet. She got up and looked at Beth,  well Old Man Handson sure isn't taking care of this place is he?

They laughed and went on. The top floor was all dusty and big ugly pictures were on the walls and it looked like they were staring at you. Sandy was sure the eyes were following her everywhere she went.  But they were determined to make it.  If they could just find a nice room safe to sleep in for the night.  All of a sudden a wind blew and there was an awful crashing noise and they ran back to the bottom of the steps as fast as they could and reached for the door, they stopped..... Beth said do you think that was him...I don't know Sandy said. He was supposed to have been a very nice man, he was good to children.  "We are not afraid, we are not afraid, they walked back up the steps a little slower this time and very quiet.  

Sandy giggled, watch that last step Beth its a doosy...and she laughed again. "Very funny Beth said to her.  About that time they both looked and they saw the door close, they both looked at each other. It was the wind wasn't it? Sandy said, yes it was said Beth and they went a little closer.  They looked inside, nothing was there , nothing at all, no furniture or anything, just a mirror on the door. Well needless to say when they saw their reflection they both screamed again.  Beth said "Stop it Sandy, we have to get control of ourselves or we will never make it through the night. They went a little closer to the mirror and looked.  It was different, kinda strange looking. When their light hit it, they jumped back. Beth was all dressed in white with a big beautiful bow on the front and Sandy had a bright blue dress on and it had a beautiful lace jacket with it.

They stood back and looked at each other, Beth she said, your jeans are gone and your shirt, they are something else.  Sandy said the same thing has happen to you your shorts are a beautiful white dress.  Now they were a little surprised, they got closer  and then it was like something pulling them closer and closer to the mirror.  They reached out and touched the door knob, when they opened the door the room inside filled with light and music started playing and then as they got'll never believe this..... there were toys and games and children everywhere and a very beautiful juke box with lights coming from it and any kind of music you wanted to hear.  The children all came running and laughing. What is your name they kept asking, we haven seen any new children in years.  Beth said why are you here, where did you come from.  They all began to giggle and laugh and one of the boys said, we came here just like you and then we didn't want to leave. We have everything we want and Old Man Hanson is here and he is our house Father.  Well Beth and Sandy started playing and having all kinds of fun but something was wrong.

There was no time, no bed time or getting up time, no Mommy to tuck them in and they missed this. Sandy told Beth we need to go back but how do we do it, there is no door knob on this side how do we get out. They ask one of the kids and he said I don't know we have never looked for a knob to get out.  Sandy said don't you miss your Mom and Dad? The little boy had tears in his eyes, he said I did at first and then I forgot about them, then all the rest of the children began to listen to Beth and Sandy talk about their home and their Mom and Dad and they got so home sick but still there was no way out, there was no knob on the inside of the door.

Poor Beth and Poor Sandy, they wished they had never gone into the old house.  Now they were stuck for ever.  They began to cry and all of a sudden Beth's Mom called them. Girls, Girls...time to get up breakfast is on the table. They both sat straight up in bed and looked at each other.  Sandy said Beth I had the oddest dream and Beth said I did too, but they didn't want to talk about it. You know I think the tears of Love for Mom and Dad open the door and let them go back home ,  but then again you know it could have all been just a bad dream.  What do you think?

There are pictures of the girls and the juke box in Amanda's Photo Album Page 5

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