Trail Ride Adventure.

As Kelsey and Tory began their journey never did they think of the excitement there would be.

It started out like any other day. They decided to ride their ponies around the trail, a trail where they had always rode on pretty days. They had their small saddle bags full of cookies and crackers and cold water. So thinking they were prepared they rode off.

As Colt took their picture they laughed and giggled and as they touched hands decided they could do this on their own. Colt asked if he should go along but "No" they said "we can do it". Colt said "Okay, it's 2:00 now and if you arenít back by 4:00, I am coming to get you.

Colt was nervous he had never let his cousin or his sister go anywhere without his protection. They were going to be out of his sight. He decided to stay right at the barn till they returned. He watched them ride off, he was kind of nervous about it but thought it was good they wanted to do this, and after all they would only be a couple of miles or so up in the mountains. He got the feed buckets and rake and wheel barrow and started to clean stalls and feed and water the horses. It was such a pretty day he thought heíd wash the horses and let them out to run in the ring for an hour or so. He got quite busy and then to his surprise he heard someone yelling for him, it was Zack his cousin. "Hey he called back in here, he came out of the stall. You are just in time he said how about helping me do some clean up here. Of course Zack loved horses and was glad to help.

"Where are the girls "? he said.   "Oh they decided they could go trail riding by themselves today and I gave them a time limit to be back".

"Where did they go?" Zack asked.  "The usual place",  Colt answered. Up the old riding trail the easy one".

"What!" said Zack, "didnít you hear"?

"No" said Colt, "hear what"?  "There is a mountain lion in the woods, one of the guys saw it the other day when they were riding, its a young one that got loose from its Mom. They donít know if it's dangerous or not but they said no trail riding on the old trail, that's where they had seen it.  It was on the local channels last night".

Colt dropped the rake and ran for his horse to saddle it up and Zack said "Hey Man Iím going with you."  They rushed around to get ready and Colt was really scared. he told Zack "just a minute".  He went into the supply house and strapped on his big hunting knife. He said, "Zack pray like youíve never prayed before, that's my baby sister and cousin out there and Iím responsible for them. You know I had a terrible feeling but they insisted on doing this".

Mean while the girls are riding along singing and doing all the funny things they always do together. Kelsey said, "lets race a little and see who can get to the end of the trail first".   They kicked their ponies a little, just enough to boost them up. Tory said "hey Kelsey let's eat when we get there".  "All right" she yelled back. Well there it was the top and end of the long trail. Kelsey looked at her watch and smiled, she said, "Itís just 2:30 so we have plenty of time". They got off their ponies and sat down on a tree that had fallen in the clearing.

It was beautiful out and they talked and ate some crackers. Then they were just looking around.  The girls had never been without Colt before and the thought came to them, it was kind of scary but they both wanted to do this and they would never admit they wished he was there.

Tory laid back her head on the fallen log and they sang a song and heard themselves in the mountains. They got real quiet, all of a sudden they heard a noise like a cat whining or something. They both sat up and looked at each other, they could see fear in each others eyes.

"What was that"? Kelsey said.  "Oh my goodness I donít know" said Tory. All of a sudden there it was, the baby mountain lion. It was small but still the girls knew it was a mountain lion. At first they didnít know what to do but they remembered, Colt had told them when they were telling stories one time, never run, just get up and stay calm, animals can smell fear.

But as the girls looked, something was wrong.  He was limping on one foot and coming toward them, they didnít move they just stared. The baby mountain lion came up to them and whined and laid down at Kelseyís feet, she just looked down at it. "Tory", said Kelsey "there's something wrong, look at his paw". Tory looked at it and there was blood. Her eyes filled with tears, "oh my goodness Kelsey it's hurt". Tory went to the saddle bags and got the water out and the handkerchief from around her neck. They both sat down and put cool water on it and wrapped it up, the baby mountain lion didnít move he just laid there so sad.

Then Kelsey thought, where is his mother? "Oh my goodness Tory" she said in a low whisper, "where is its mother"?

"Duh", said Tory "like Iíd know that". Tory, said "Kelsey this is no time for being funny, what if she shows up and thinks we are hurting her baby". A look of fear filled their eyes. "Where is Colt when we need him?"  they said at the same time.

They sat down and held the baby in their arms and fed him what they had, he was hungry. As they sat there and heard him purr the fear left them and they just said a prayer over him that he would get well and his Mommy would show up after they left.

About that time they heard the gallop of horses and around the corner came Zack and Colt all sweaty and red faced. Colt didnít even wait for his horse to stopp, he jumped off and ran, grabbed the girls and hugged them. "Are you okay"? He was so scared. "Yes", Kelsey said "but this baby isnít. His paw is hurt real bad and heís needs a doctor".

Colt said "girls, his Mom will find him and heíll be okay, she is loose up here too, now come on saddle up and lets go". Kelsey noticed right off, her brother had his hunting knife strapped to his side, he was ready for battle, to protect his sister and his cousin if necessary.

Colt looked at the baby mountain lion to make sure he was OK. The wound was small and the girls had cleaned it good. He put them back up on their horses and they all took off down the mountain.

As they pulled in to the barn, there was Mom and Dad waiting.

"Boy, where have you been , out riding and left all this stuff laid out? What were you thinking"? Zack looked at Colt and wondered what he would say, he had let the girls go off alone and he knew better. The girls also knew better than to go trail riding alone.

The girls looked at Colt with fear in their eyes and he smiled, "yes" he said I just decided to ride up the trail with Zack and the girls but weíll finish it up right now, Iím sorry it wonít happen again". Colt put his hands on Kelseyís shoulder and shook her, she turned, kicked at him and off they ran to look for adventure on another day.

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