The Rhino, Giraffe and The Beaver

Once upon a time there were three little animals and they all had a problem. Well at least they thought they did.  Here is how the story goes.

There was a forest fairy and she was flying around checking on all the animals to see if they were okay. All of a sudden she heard someone crying. She looked down and poor Rhino was so sad. She asked him what was wrong.  He said because of my big nose , no one wants to play with me. They just laugh at me. The fairy said don't worry the day will come when they will all love you and welcome you to play with them and she sprinkled fairy dust upon his head and flew away.

Well as she went along she heard crying again and looked down and there was a very tall Giraffe.  He was so sad also, What's the matter she ask, and he said because I am so big and my neck is so long the rest of the animals will not play with me.  The fairy said don't be sad the day will come when they will all love you and will play with you.  She sprinkled fairy dust upon his head and flew away.

She thought everything was okay and again she heard crying and she looked down and there he was,  a sad little Beaver, he was so unhappy. What's the matter she ask, and Beaver said because my tail is so wide and big the animals won't play with me, they say I make to much noise.  Well, said the little fairy don't worry the day will come when they will all love you and want to play with you. She sprinkled fairy dust on him and flew away. It seem to be a very peaceful day in the forest and all was quiet and the beaver and the giraffe and the Rhino were all just sitting and talking with each other.  The other animals were off playing with each other.

Well the day came and the Rhino smelled smoke but he couldn't see where it was.  He said I am not tall enough to see where the fire is but the giraffe saw the small fire.  What are we going to do when we get there said the Rhino, but they remembered what the fairy said. They all three ran as fast as they could, the poor animals in the forest were running to and fro not knowing where to hide to get away.  The Giraffe told the Rhino where it was and they all three ran as fast as they could.  When they got  there the beaver started beating it with his large tail and put out the fire. You see they all worked together as a  team and put out the fire in the forest, saving all the animals.  The Rhino smelled the smoke with his large nose and the Giraffe saw it with his long neck and the Beaver put it out with his large tail.

Well the other animals saw this and they gathered around them and told them how sorry they were and should have known we are all like we are for a reason. The Rhinos big nose smelled the smoke and the Giraffe's long neck helped him to see where it was,  and the Beavers big tail put out the fire. Now all the animals in the forest wanted to be friends with them and they were all happy. We are never to judge anyone by their appearance, we are all created for a reason.

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