The Pony

There was this little girl who loved horses and ponies so very much, but didn't have one of her own. Chellie was a good sweet little girl and usually happy but her dream was to have a pony.  Every time she went to the store she bought ponies and saddles and could just sit and stare at them. She went to a friend's house and they had a horse.  She would ride and ride him, she even called him her own. she was sad because she had to leave him and go home. She had a real bad experience one time and fell off a horse and had to go to the hospital.  She turned out to be okay but it took her awhile to get back on.  Still she loved horses so much and had a dream of owning her own pony.  She can saddle and bridle one just like a grown up.

Well there was little pony and it had a crippled foot.  She loved him and would go see him every day.  She even gave him her own name.  Every time she would leave the little pony would have a sad look on his face and he was thinking, I wish she  owned me because she is so good to me. The little pony tried to think of ways to escape but he did not know how to get to her house, all he could do was wait and hope she would return the next day.

The sad day came when the little pony was sold and Chellie was sad again and so was the little pony, he had no idea where he was and knew in his heart he would never see his friend again.. Chellie cried and had bad dreams about the little pony.

Her Papaw told her he would look around and find her a pony and guess what...yes! you are right. A man called one day and said I have a pony for sale. "Would you like to buy it?  Well her papaw said let me come look at it and we will see.  When he went to look at the pony,  guess who the little pony was,  yes that's right!  Her very own little crippled pony that she loved so much. Her dream had come true.

The little pony recognized Chellie's Papaw.  He lifted his head when he heard the voice and dug at the ground with his hoof, but there is more to the story.  Now for a place to keep the pony.

Chellie stayed with her Aunt and Uncle sometimes and they had a large yard, it was beautiful and full of rich green grass, he knew he was going to be very happy.  Then one night it began to rain and at first it was okay but then it got harder and harder, the little pony began to be afraid, the water was getting deeper and deeper and covering the beautiful green grass and then was coming up to his little belly.  The Uncle came running as fast as he could and took him to higher ground.   He was afraid he was lonely without Chellie. He looked and looked hoping she would come get him but knew he was safe  here.

The water went down and he was then sent to a farm where he had his own stall and green grass and good food but he was lonely.  He was thinking,  "I need Chellie to brush me and ride me and put my saddle on. The stall he was in had a bar across the front, he pushed his nose against it harder and harder till it fell from the door. He looked out and knew he was free.  Now to remember where his big beautiful yard was so he could go back.  

He set out but there was a river and it was full of stuff,  the banks were ugly and full of glass and rocks and sticks but he knew he would find a way to get  her. He went on,  the road and cars and truck were going by him fast, but he stayed near the river bank, he had to get to Chellie.  As he lifted up his head he saw it.  It wasn't the same beautiful yard he had left. The yard was covered with things from the river bank.  He was very heart broken, thinking maybe something had happened to Chellie.  As he walked further he saw her in the yard with her Uncle,

Imagine their surprise to look up and see the little pony. Of course Chellie was very happy and said "see how much he loves me" he had found her. Now the little pony was in danger there because he could get sick so they had to find a way to take him back to the farm and back to his stall. Chellie and her Aunt began to walk down the road, it was fun for the little pony and Chellie to be together and  walking.  sometimes Chellie got on his back and he liked that.  So back in the stall he was put and he was happy, they fed him well and gave him plenty of water and Chellie hugged his neck and said I will see you tomorrow. 

As she walked away the little pony was sad but knew he was safe where he was. Then it began to get dark and he missed Chellie, because where he was before he could see her lights and knew she was up and was thinking of him. He fell asleep thinking of her. As he woke up he began to remember how he got out last time and he thought  "I can do it again". The little pony took his head and raised the bar again and got out, this time it was easier to get up the road because he knew where he was going. 

Aunt and Uncle were out working in the yard and there he was, "My Goodness" said the uncle we are going to have to fix his stall so he will be okay, he told Chellie.  So they took him back one more time and then the little pony knew it was okay to stay there.  Chellie would come everyday and feed and water and ride him.  Now he was happy.  Now every time Chellie goes to the farm and lets "Pretty Boy" out,  he runs and jumps and kicks up his feet, and tries to walk on his  hind legs.  He is so very happy.

There are pictures of Chellie and the pony in Amanda's Photo Album Page 3

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