The Little Lonely Shadow
(Creativity is like a magic carpet, it will go everywhere.)

Once upon a time there was a lonely shadow, he sat on a tree stump in the valley. He was left there by a little boy that had grown up and lost his imagination and ability to create fun things to do. Day after day Shadow sat waiting and waiting. He had no friends to run and play with, he was so lonely. Once in awhile the sun would bring the trees and the leaves to dance around him but that wasn't any fun, they left the spot they were in.

Then one day a big moving van truck came down the road, it was huge and it cast a shadow on the little shadow and said as it passed, "I have a surprise for you". Well the little shadow was so excited even the leaves on the trees blew and some even fell to the ground and rolled over and over the wind whistled through the tree tops and played a happy tune. You see the little shadow lived way back in a little valley off the main road, he hardly ever saw anyone or anything. When the sun was in a certain place the tree's had their shadow friends and the birds, even the mountain cast a shadow of her own, but poor Shadow had no one.

The huge truck went to the very top of the mountain and there were people everywhere unloading furniture to go in the big house on the hill.  None of them even had a shadow because Mr. Sun was  shinning overhead to give them light. There used to be a little boy that lived in the big house and Shadow was sure wishing  that one would come back. They used to run and play together but he had gotten tall and started sitting in a car and Shadow had to sit in back and that was no fun so he settled on the tree stump to wait for another little boy to play with.

Well now lets see, back up to the house on top of the hill. As they unloaded the truck one of the men rolled out a chair with wheels on it and it was so small, Shadow wondered who could set in a chair so small. The man reached inside of the front seat and got a little boy out placed him in the chair. He looked so sad, Shadow knew how he felt. Week and weeks went by and Shadow wondered what  the surprise was so when the sun came up the next day he decided to go to the big house. He got a little bigger and stronger and up the hill he went and was looking in the window.  There the little boy sat.

About that time Mr. Sun pushed him inside the window. The little boy jumped he was startled but then he saw Shadow. 'Wow'  the little boy said you look just like me and you're in a chair with wheels. They rolled around and round and laughed until evening time and then Shadow had to leave. The next few weeks the little boy got stronger and stronger with all the exercise he had been getting with Shadow. It was kinda cloudy one day and Shadow had not shown up, Billy asked his Mom if he could go for a walk into the valley and she said yes.  She didn't know exactly what was making Billy stronger but it was wonderful.

We know don't we.."Mr Sunshine and Shadow"...Billy knew he had to find Shadow. Then there he was sitting on the tree stump waiting for Mr. Sun to come out and make him strong enough to go see Billy. Shadow said I was waiting for  you , Mr. Sun had not come out yet and I couldn't leave, the clouds were sitting on me. They both laughed, it was okay now because Billy had come and as Billy sat on the tree stump with shadow they became as one.

They were the best of friends, everywhere Billy went Shadow went. Once Billy went into the  woods and lost Shadow and he run back out never to go in the  woods again. They played tag all along the road in the sunshine and just when Billy thought he caught Shadow and turned around Shadow hid behind him. They went fishing and Shadow and Billy had fishing poles just alike.  There was one problem, every evening when the sun went down Billy had to go home and Shadow couldn't go, this made them both sad and they set on the tree stump and cried at the same time.

One night Billy had a bad dream and it was dark so he put his head beneath the covers and turned his little flashlight on and guess who was there?  Yes, Shadow was there with him. They began to laugh and giggle and Billy read a story to Shadow until they both fell asleep. Billy woke up and Shadow was gone, he looked under the bed and all he could see with his little light was Shadows ball laying beside of his, so he  went to the closet and there inside hiding was Shadow on the wall playing a trick on him, Billy knew right then even though he couldn't see Shadow he was always there, all he needed was Mr. Sun in the daytime and his little flashlight at night. Billy was the happiest little boy around especially when he could see his best friends Shadow on the ground.

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