The Little Kitten

You know why they say cats have nine lives?  Well let me tell you why they need them.  One day there was this little kitten and he decided he was all grown up and wanted to test his own strength. He told his Mommy he wanted to go to town by him self. Now before he can become a full grown cat he has to survive all his kitten lives. He sets out on an adventure he'll never forget.

He was walking so carefully when he heard a real loud noise and he looked up and there it was a big red fire truck. Well he had never seen a big red fire truck but he knew it sure was loud. He ran as fast as he could but the faster he ran the closer it got.  He was running  down the middle of the road. This little girl saw him and ran out and grabbed him by the neck and hugged him so very tight, boy! was he relieved. But he was scared so he jumped down and took off again running. He had just used up one of his nine lives but didn't know it yet.

He was just running along and he saw some more kittens and decided he wanted to meet them, so he went across these two big bars, just as he was crossing, along came another big iron thing and it was rolling on the iron bars, it was a train, off he took running as fast as he could again and about the time it almost caught him he jumped across the tracks and fell into a mud hole. He had just used up his second life. Now he only has seven left , lets follow him and just see how he uses them.

He is getting to be a little scaredy cat now and is pretty nervous. Well ,as he walks he begins to think maybe he is okay, so he goes into the woods to check out the mice and see if he can find something to eat. As he got closer he heard a little noise and thought BOY! this is easy,  a meal at last, well guess what it was, a little dog, the ones that look like a big rat, well he changed his mind in a hurry, it took off barking after him and he took off running as fast as he could. He sat down to rest and to count his lives, now he has six left. You know I think he needs to go back home till he's a little older but not him, he's ready to go again.

Off he scurries to test his courage one more time. It's now starting to rain and its getting faster and harder, he's looking all around for a place to hide, kittens do not like water, he looks like a little drowned rat. As he is walking the water gets so fast it picks him up and washes him down a great big drain and he's really scared now and the water is going in his little ears and mouth, but all of a sudden he lands on a big rubber mat and starts floating down the street. The water slows down and he jumps off the mat, well now how many lives does he have left? Yes, that's right now he has five left.

So now he's thinking, 'I need to find a safe place to sleep tonight' and he's afraid of the big dogs , so he climbs up this great big tree, how did he know that a large gray squirrel was already up the tree, it grabs his tail and started  dragging him back up the tree, he meowed as loud as he could and back down that tree he went, he knew he was using his lives up very quickly, now he has four left. 

He is getting very cold and very hungry, home sure is looking good right now and his Mommy could sure let him cuddle up to her and get all nice and warm and Daddy could bring him a nice fresh mouse.  But he thought 'I told them I was big and strong and now I can't go back home'. What do you think the little kitten should do? I think he should use the rest of his kitten lives to get back home don't you?  He is sitting there and thinking of all he left behind and he knew he was not ready for the big world yet. He started back home.

As he went on, the sun began to shine, his fur was getting dry, and he was thinking how am I going to get past the Squirrel and the dog, and what if it starts to rain and the big fire truck comes again.  He begin to cry and meow so loud. A little girl came along and heard him, she picked him up and said aren't you the little kitten that tried to out run the fire truck?   She hugged him up to her and said you come home with me and I will love you and take care of you. The little girl took him home gave him warm milk to drink and a nice warm bed to sleep in and he knew he had found himself a new home  and he loved just being a sweet little kitten.

Now he thought no more lives to use but it had just started all over again, there was some scotch tape on the floor and he started playing with it and  it stuck to his whiskers and his mouth and nose and the little girl got there just in time to help him breathe.  Now how many lives does he have left?  Yes, only three.  

One day he was all cuddled up in the little girls lap and was playing with a ball of yarn and it fell to the floor and then off he went and before he knew it he was hanging off the steps all wrapped up in yard.  Saved again by the little girl.  He had now used up all of his lives but two.  He had to be very careful. He thought, 'I will just lay here on this pile of cloths  and sleep, nothing can happen to me here, but he didn't know they were to go in the washer and about that time the Mother did not see him and threw  him in the washer but he did survive, only to be thrown into the dryer. About that time the Mother saw him and grabbed him out and when she did, she was so surprised, he was now a "Cat", you know why?  Because he had survived the use of all his kitten lives.  He was now safe from all harm, well until he started using his "CAT"  lives. Can you remember how he used his lives....?

There's a picture of the little kitten in Amanda's Photo Album Page 4

  Harriett Dash 2001    
Co- Author: Victoria Hicks