The Little Boy Doll

There was this old house and it sat way back in the woods and it had been there for over one hundred years. In the house was some of the old things that were there from the beginning. When the people left they could not take all their things and especially the things in the attic. 

The house was sold to a  woman who lived in town and had a junk store. There in the attic was an old, old trunk and in the trunk were all kinds of things, a wooden fire truck, a little wooden car,  a mirror trimmed with diamonds and a little gold cup.  Then there was one special thing...whoops....can't get ahead of myself. Lets just see how these things come to life and what made them come to life for a little girl

Once up a time there was a little girl She and her Mom and Dad were very rich,  they had anything they wanted. All the little girl wanted was a little brother to play with... day she cried so hard, "please Mommy, I just want a little brother". The Mother didn't want to disappoint her daughter so she went into town to find a very special gift and there she saw a little boy doll in the window of a very old store. He was so handsome. He was all dressed up in a little suit and tie and looked like a prince,  almost like a real boy.

She went inside and there sat a little old woman all wrinkled. She sat in a very old chair and it was so dark in there. The lady noticed there were toys scattered on the floor but she didn't see any children. There were little wooden cars and trucks laying also on the floor. The lady ask how much the little boy doll was and the old lady said that's a magic doll. The Lady stood back and she was thinking the old woman is kinda crazy. "In what way is the doll magic"? she asked. HEH HEH HEH...laughed the old woman, you don't want to know. "Yes I do" she said. She sat down next to the old woman and waited for her to tell her the story.

Well,  she said I buy stuff from people all the time and put it in my store and resale it. One day a man came in and said he had  an old house for sale and I could have all the things inside. I bought it and this was over 50 years ago. Well I don't live in the house anymore and I only took what I wanted from the house, a trunk left in the attic. I brought it to the store and as I opened it I saw a beautiful gold cup and a mirror with diamonds around it and a note that son is asleep, if you feed him water from the cup and let him look into the mirror he will become a little boy.  At first I looked and he looked like a regular little doll, but I thought I would try it. You see I never had any children and I had always wanted a little boy.  I did as the note said and it worked.  He became real.

It seems as if there was something you are supposed to add to the water but I can't think of what it was. The only problem is as I grew older and could not play with the little boy he began to turn into a little doll again, now I still have all his toys and the gold cup and the mirror but I am too old. He needs a child to play with, one with an imagination that can keep him alive. The lady wasn't sure about the old woman's story but she knew how badly her daughter wanted a little brother so she decided to buy the doll and see if the magic of imagination really worked.

She took the doll home and all the things that came with him. Little Janie was so upset. "Mommy I wanted a baby brother not a doll, I want something real. Her Mom sat down and began to tell Janie the story that the old lady had told her. "Janie" she said, you must first show the little doll love and play with him and care for him, then when the time is right we will feed him from the gold cup and let him look into the mirror and then we will see.

Weeks went by and Janie played everyday with the little boy doll, she sat his cars and fire truck in front of him and nothing happened. She held him so close and called him her brother and then one day she gave him a name, "Toby" she said I love you and I am going to feed you from your cup now and let you see how handsome you are.

The little girl set up her table and got out the cup and the mirror, she gave him water and let him look, but nothing happened, she said Toby I love you any way and held him close to her and then she began to the tears fell on Toby's face they went into his little mouth, the note did not say the cup must have tears of joy and of love that would make him real, only a little child would love a toy so much she would cry with love to make him real. 

All of a sudden he blinked his eyes and  opened his arms to live happily ever after.

  Harriett Dash 2001