The Kid That Made Faces

Once there was a little boy and he could make his face into any shape he wanted. His Mom kept  telling him, Matthew stop that, one day it will freeze that way and you will have to spend the rest of your life like that. Matthew just laughed at his Mommy. The kids at school loved it they thought he was funny.  

One day the teacher told him to come to the board and do some math problems and when she turned her back he stuck out his tongue.  Well, he couldn't get it to go back in, it just hung out of his mouth till she turned around so he got in all kinds of trouble. The teacher sent him to the principles office and as he sat in the office he was looking at a picture of the principle.  The man had very large eyes and they look like they were just staring at you so he stretched his eyes real big and then the door opened, there stood the principle and Matthew's eyes were just bugging out, they would not go back till the principle had seen them.  He didn't know what was going on.  Well, he got in trouble again. 

The principle called his Mom and Dad to come to the office. His Dad walked funny like with his toes curled in toward each other and his mom was always smiling, so while he was waiting he thought 'what is wrong with me', he stuck out his tongue and opened his eyes real big and pointed his toes toward each other  and stretched a big smile on his face to see what would happen and sure enough, when his Dad came in there he stood, his tongue hanging out, his eyes bugging out and his toes turned in toward each other and this big smile upon his face... his Mom looked at him and smiled, "well Matthew looks like you've been making faces again and now you have frozen that way."  Everyone in the room laughed, well almost everyone. Matthew was not laughing. He promised after that to be a good boy and never imitate anyone again.

There's a picture of Matthew in Amanda's Photo Album Page 4

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