The Day Of The Storm

The fields were full that day and the wind was blowing wildly through the meadow.  The storm was coming even though it looked like a bright day with the sun shinning.  Colt had been out  riding and he heard his Mother calling, he knew the sound of her voice.  It rang out loud and clear because the land was flat.  He turned his horse and headed for the house.  He jumped off and his Mom told him. "Colt, you have to find your brother,  the storm is coming, the  Jenkins man said he heard it in town". You see they lived way out in the flat lands and no telephone or any communication with the outside world. 

Colt looked around, "Where did he go?"  he asked his mom,  "I don't know" she said, "look down by the river and see if he is there, he loves it by the river". Colt could tell by his mom's face she was worried.  "Mom, how long has he been gone?"  he asked. "Just a couple of hours but we must get him in and get in the cellar before it hits. I have the barn nailed up and the cattle are in, just go find your brother".  Colt jumped on his horse and took off, he looked by the river bank but could not find Dawson, now he was worried. The wind was getting stronger and stronger, it was hard for him to even keep his hat on.

He's thinking 'where is Dawson's favorite place besides the river' and he remembered the big Oak tree.  He slapped his horse gently and said, hurry  Blaze we have to hurry.  In the distance he could see the tree and there set Dawson just looking around and playing with a twig off the tree.  Colt yelled at his brother,  "Dawson! come on a storms coming.  Mom said we had to hurry home.  Dawson was only 5,  he had never seen a storm,  he had no fear of what one could do.

About that time, lightening hit the sky and lit it up and the dark clouds came rolling in. "Get away from the tree", Colt yelled as he rode as fast as he could. Dawson got up and waved at his brother, he couldn't hear what he was saying but  he moved away from the tree,  lightening hit again and the limb burst into flames as it hit the ground.  Dawson screamed and ran for his brother.  Colt got off of Blaze and put his brother on the saddle, then jumped on.  As the thunder hit, Blaze reared up and Colt and Dawson fell to the ground.  Colt grabbed his brother, "You okay?", He asked,  Yep said Dawson, I think, I hurt my arm but it's okay. 

Colt looked around, Blaze had wandered a few feet away but Colt was afraid to get back on him, he knew Blaze was afraid also.  Horses have a way of knowing about storms, so he got him by the lead strap and started walking very fast.  He knew it would take longer to get home this way but it was too dangerous to get back on, especially with Dawson. Colt looked up and the sky was dark, really dark.  He looked around, he was close to Rifts Ridge, and he saw an opening in the rocks, he knew they had to get cover somewhere. 

He got Dawson by the arm and told him, "follow me close".  They were fighting the wind now and Colt prayed his Mom would be okay and not worry, but he knew better.  There was no way they could get home now before the storm hit. He took his blanket from Blaze and made him lay down in front of the opening and covered them all up, he knew this was the only hope they had, maybe the rock would protect them.

The wind was blowing so hard even Blaze was moving, but he never left Colt or Dawson.  Colt had blaze from the time he was a colt and he knew he was safe as long as he was with him.  Dawson felt the same way, they trusted him, Dawson knew his big brother would not let anything ever happen to him. They laid very still.  The lightening flashed and the thunder screamed out with a loud voice, but Colt knew he was protected by a higher power.  His Mom had always taught him to pray and trust in his prayers.  Meanwhile Mrs. Walker is frantic....she runs to the cellar but she is so worried about her boys.  She prays they will be okay, she knows if there is any way Colt will take care of her baby and himself.  

As she is in the cellar she wrings her hands and walks back and forth,  knowing her faith is strong in her boys. Colt had to be the father of the family since his Father had to be away so much.  He worked as crew on the new railroad coming through and had to be gone a lot.  Colt grew up fast and he was a strong boy.  His dad was always very proud of him.  The doors shook with the wind but Mr. Walker had built them strong to protect his family so she knew she was safe.  She waits out the storm but as soon as it lets up a little, she comes out and heads for the river and looks everywhere for her boys.

She's yelling as loud as she can.  As she stands there she sees a shadow coming in the distance walking.  Colt is still leading Blaze and has Dawson on his back.  She ran to them as fast as she could.  "Is he alright?" she said and hugged them both so hard.  "Yes, he's still just a little scared but mom, let me tell you, we could not have made it without Blaze, he stayed mom, he stayed right there, blocked the storm from us. You know that old cave out on Rift Ridge, I  remembered it and we went there, he layed down and blocked the entrance.

Mrs. Walker was the happiest woman in the world and as soon as they got home, they brushed Blaze down and got him feed and water, you know I think if they could they would have taken him in the house and kept him, but we all know the place for a horse is in a nice clean stall.

There are pictures of Colt, Blaze and Dawson in Amanda's Photo Album Page 5

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