The Ballerina

Once up on a time there was a little girl and she loved to dance but had no shoes. Well that is until one special day in her life. You see Kelseann was a very shy little girl and didn't like attention drawn to her,  but little did she know life had other plans for her. Kelseann was a very little girl, very tiny. She never thought she would ever be big enough to dance.  She loved dancing from the time she was old enough to walk. She didn't walk, she just stood on her toes and pranced around the room. 

Everyone said that child will be a dancer. But you see Kelseann came from a poor family and back then you had to be rich to go to a special school to learn to be a ballerina. This didn't stop her from trying. When she heard music she danced. Every morning when she woke up she began to exercise her legs and her arms.  Her Father fixed her a special bar to lean on like the professionals had.  It was made of wood but he sanded it down to a smooth texture so as to  not harm her hands.  She dreamed and dreamed of some day becoming a professional ballerina. She went to a regular school but knew she had to go to Paris or Europe to get the training she needed.

Then it happen, the school was having a  scholarship contest for the students and the prize was a ticket to Paris.  She was sixteen and knew she needed permission from her parents but they had always backed her up in what her hearts desires were.  It had to be on a profession, and it had to be on why and how and everything there was to know about what you wanted to do with your future.

She wasn't sure about this.  She knew it may seem selfish on her part but if she could just explain the love she had for this and how the music helped people and how it was all a story , every dance and every movement said something about life. She began to work on it . Every day she would write a line or two and praying over every line that it would touch the hearts  of the judges.

There were rumors, there was only three other people that were pulling for it and she knew two of them were not competitors. Melissa was very beautiful and talented with words and wanted to be a writer so this was right for her. Maybe she shouldn't even compete. Yes she thought, I can't pass up this opportunity to be what I have always wanted to be. Still every day she practiced her dancing and was in plays and programs that included music and dancing. She had become well known by now as the girl with the dream.

Then it was the day, the judges were reading the essays and were taking their time about it. It was heart breaking, they had picked  Melissa because she had wanted to be a teacher and teach others to write and they thought this was very good. Kelseann's words were very simple but they were for her, her dream. If anything happen to Melissa and she couldn't go then it would go to Kelseyann. Well I know it doesn't seem right but Kelseyann prayed anyway for a way to get to go. 

When the judges told her and Melissa the results, her heart fell, but all of a sudden Melissa stood up and said.  Sir I have a special request.  I want Kelseann to go instead of me. She has had this dream all her life and I'd rather it be her.  Kelseann cried and hugged her so hard. The Judges said that would be fine. Now she had to get money together, she had her ticket and she got her choice of where she wanted  to go to pursue her career choice, which was of course to "The Duchess" school of dancing.

Now she was at the airport and her heart was so excited, her dreams had all come true. She was very beautiful for sixteen and looked older except for the fact that she was very slim, but it was muscle, her legs and arms were very solid and her eating habits were also slim ,eating only what was right for her. She was not a girl of the world and trusted everyone. This was a fault she didn't know about.  As she arrived at the airport in Paris she was met by a teacher from the school and was driven to a room there to stay. She had three months to study and then the Duchess would decide weather to sponsor her or not.

 As she danced they stood in awe at the graceful way she held her self and the movements. The Duchess knew right away that this girl had potential.  Little did Kelseyann knew she was also being watched by another.  In the dancing profession there was competition, especially in Paris. She had borrowed shoes for the competition and still did not have enough money for her own. The Duchess showed her to her room. It was dark and gloomy but she knew some things had to be.  After all, they were furnishing everything for her.  She had led a protected life and did not even think someone would harm her in any way.

The dinner bell sounded and she opened her door to stumble on an object placed in her doorway.  She bruised her knee but no harm done. She could not understand where it had come from.  At the dinner table all introduced themselves to each other and she seemed to be accepted even though she was an American.  A few other girls had won the scholarship also from their school.  After dinner she went back to her room to find a note telling her to go home she didn't belong here.  This broke her heart. what had she done, who had she hurt in coming here?

The next day she looked around but could not tell any difference in any one there. The Duchess hardly spoke to her.  When she did it was just to give orders or give her hard things to do, her
room had no heat and one little bulb in a very small lamp.  She was cold and indifferent towards her.  From then on she was very careful not to let herself be caught off guard.  She worked hard everyday and just ignored the notes and small things happening to her.  Not bad things but things that could kill her spirit or hurt her dancing if she wasn't careful.

Then it came, the day for The Duchess to make a choice.  Some of the girls that had won the scholarships had left, saying they couldn't make it or the hours of training were too rough.  The Duchess picked out the best ones and Kelseann was one of the girls chosen to do the play. Some had backed out and left, but not Kelseann.  This was her dream, she still didn't have shoes of her own or know where the money was coming from to further her career but knew something good had to happen.  For the final night the girls were going to put on a show for the very rich and elite of Paris.  Everyone was a bundle of nerves but Kelseann's heart was broken. She would have to wear the old shoes she had borrowed.  She didn't think she could go on.

Right before the performance there was a knock upon her door. She opened it and there was a huge box.  She opened it and inside was the most beautiful out fit trimmed with gold lace and ties of gold in the back and sprinkles of silver in the skirt, and gold slippers with stings of gold. She didn't understand, enclosed was a note.  I have done all I know to do to discourage you and you have fought the battle.  You have proven you want this with all your heart, all the training, all the  hours, all the abuse and you have stayed.  This is your reward.  Now go and do and give it all you've got. There is  someone watching and I know he will see you above everyone else.  You are the greatest in what you have set out to do.  With this honor comes many years of hard work, but I have watched you and know you have it in you.

The Duchess

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