Tale of Two Cats

This is how the story goes . Now there is only one cat but this cat leads two lives. She has a home but will take up residence where ever she is welcome and will be just what you want her to be, or the kind of cat you want. She is so Lovely, that's how she got her name. Her name is Lovey, she will purr her heart out. She is her own boss though. She lets you know when she wants anything, she will meow a real low meow or loudly, according to what she wants. She was born in Wytheville Va.  but I think was run out of town by the bird people. 

Her next home town was Georgia, so she is also a Georgia Bell. When she lived in Georgia she lived where there were plenty of birds. My daughter said every morning you woke to the chirping of birds, but as days passed it got quieter and quieter. One day they watched as Lovey began to go in pursuit of her catch, she slowly got close the ground and stretched out as far as she could go and then "Jump" as high and fast as she could, well it was dinner on the ground that day. A picnic lunch for Lovey. As the days when by, there were no signs of a bird anywhere, they had passed the word around, Beware of cat. 

Then Lovey moved to West Virginia and yes she has pretty well cleared the area of birds. The bigger ones stay very high in the trees and just look down at her as if to say, by the time you get here we will be gone, of course that doesn’t stop her from trying. her favorite place is on the house top, she travels from her house to mine. My daughter leaves her bedroom window up just enough for Lovey to get in and out. But for now she has taken up resident in my house, she is very quiet, she sleeps and eats, bothers no other cats. I heard a noise the other day from the living room and she had jumped from the rocker and left it rocking. She wanted something to eat was the only reason she moved. Her favorite place is the rocker, she's a country cat, she's a southern cat you can tell,  she just sits in the rocker till she gets hungry and then just gets down to eat. I will be glad for this summer, new birds and good old exercise for Lovey.

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