My Best Friend, Tramp 

Now this is a story about a dog that was as human as could be. Tramp could read my thoughts, when we would go walking, he would turn before I would, it was as if he knew what I was thinking. I remember when I first saw him, we were in the pet store and I was looking all around. I had finally persuaded my Mom to let me have a puppy. I was 12 years old and all my friends had gone through two or three puppies and I had never had one. I was standing there looking around, all of a sudden I heard a whimper from behind me and when I turned around, my heart was lost forever. It was as if he was calling my name, Kelly, Kelly... There were the most beautiful but sad brown eyes I had ever seen. Now that was not all that drew me to him, when I looked at him, he turned his head side ways and then when I turned my head, he turned his head. I reached out my hand and he reached out his paw, that was it, he was mine forever. He was kinda dirty and looked like that dog in "Lady and the Tramp", so I knew right away what I was going to name him. Mom turned around and looked at me, "Kelly, have you found one yet?"

I looked at my Mom and said "this is the one, the one I want."  Mom looked all around and said "Kelly honey, over here is a very pretty puppy, wouldn’t you rather have this one?"  I turned and when I did ...he whimpered again and then when I looked at him, he tilted his head to one side again. Those big brown eyes just cried out to me. "Nope"  I said, "this is it, this is the one."  I was determined to have this puppy.

As I sit here holding him in my arms and the years have passed by, I remember all the things he has done for me, the times he has been there for me. The years have passed and he doesn’t get around as easy as he used to, he still looks so young, but I know that is because I have taken such good care of him. I bathe and brush him and most of all smothered him with love.

One day he was standing by the river bank and was barking and barking, I ran over to see what was the matter, there it was a small baby doll caught on a tree limb, he was so upset, I explained it was just a doll but he kept on, so I leaned over and pulled the branch closer and he pulled the doll loose. About that time a little girl came running and screaming, she’s mine, she’s mine, and I smiled at Tramp, he knew this doll was special. I handed it to her and she hugged Tramp. He stood and watched as the little girl ran away hugging her baby doll and tilted his head to one side.

Then there was the time we were walking and he started barking and looking up a tree and there was a little cat just stuck on a branch, he couldn’t get down. I climbed up so far and reached for him, sat him down on the street, he ran up the street as fast as he could go, I just knew my little dog was so special. Any other dog would have chased that cat but not Tramp, he just wanted it to be safe.

The most important thing was when I feel like he saved my life. It was raining out and getting dark, I had taken a walk in the park and then a streak of lightening hit a tree and the branch fell across the path I was walking and hit me, my leg was stuck, he barked and barked and then he left, I thought how could he leave me and then in about 5 minutes here he came with help. The man said , Lady this dog is something else, he pulled and pulled on my pants leg till I followed him.

I could have swore when I had the measles when I looked at him , he had spots on him. As a child he followed me everywhere and then as an adult he would wait for me, he was always sitting just inside the door like he knew the time I would come home. They say an animal knows when their master is anywhere near and I believe its the truth.

He always stayed with me when I was sick, he slept in my bed and wouldn’t leave me. He could even get my socks out of the drawer for me, my Mom laughed and said, "I sure wish he could learn to pick up your clothes. A lot of years have gone by and I know the day will come he will leave me but the memories I have never will.

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