Missing Bike

As Little Johnny woke up he was excited, he had gotten a new bike for his birthday yesterday and couldn't wait to ride it again.  He rushed through breakfast and ran out the door.  He looked in the yard, he looked in the basement, he looked behind the house, no bike.  He sat down and thought 'where is my bike'. His mind goes back to the day before, him and his friends had been riding on the road behind his house, he remembered his mom calling him in for supper, he remembered laying it down and then all of a sudden it came to his mind, he had left it on the road.  The very last words of his father were "Son don't leave your bike out, it could be stolen".  'Oh no'  he thought. He called all his friends and they came over and they began to search. "Hey,  Joseph had an idea, what about those boys that were watching us ride, they wanted to ride your new bike and you wouldn't let them, lets go ask them if they have seen it". 

Johnny wasn't so sure about that, they were pretty big boys.  Jimmy said I'll go with you. Jimmy was the oldest and he was kinda tough looking. Out the road they went and one of the boys was sitting on the fence, he looked up as the boys got closer. "Watcha looking for boys?"  he called out.   "Well...uhhh..we were kinda looking for Johnny's bike, have you seen it?"  He threw back his head and laughed,  "Yep sure did, it was sitting in the middle of the road, and I thought to myself...Yep, that bike is going to be stole for sure."  Johnny said, "did you see  who took it?"  "Nope sure didn't".  

The boys went on down the road but they talked among themselves, "you know " Jimmy said,  "I think he knows and just isn't telling" . Joseph said, "well Jimmy, you said you weren't afraid, why didn't you speak up?"  Jimmy said, "I didn't say I wasn't afraid, I said I'd go with you..Gee Whiz..you think I'm crazy?"  They all laughed but Johnny wasn't smiling, he knew he had to find his bike before his dad got home.  The boys had all gotten together and built a tree house in the yard so they decided to hold a conference and maybe think on it, maybe get some cookies and chips and just sit back and think.  Joseph felt sorry for Johnny, it was his first bike and Joseph couldn't afford a bike and he knew Johnny was going to let him ride it any time he wanted, Johnny was his best friend.

Joseph said "Johnny maybe if we push you out of the tree house and you land on your head, you will remember where you left it, I saw that on TV, where people lose their memory and then they bump their head and get it back. "DUH"..said Johnny, "I could bust my head and all my memory come out, I don't think so..lets just think.  Besides I know where I left it, it just isn't there. Dad warned me, boy am I in trouble.

They sat around for awhile and then it was getting late in the afternoon.  It started raining a little and so the cardboard roof started leaking.  Drip, Drip.. the water was coming through.  Johnny said "we are going to have to put some plastic on our roof if we don't want to get wet".  They all went down the shaky ladder and Johnny said, "you know boys I really just need to go home, I don't feel so good".  Poor Johnny, his heart was broken, he had his new bike for one day and now it was gone, why didn't he listen to his dad.

The boys felt sorry for him.  "Well lets just fix our roof first and then tomorrow we'll look in town and see if we can see it anywhere. "OK", said Johnny, "but I promise if I find it this time I will never leave it out again. 'Mom', called Johnny "we need some plastic to go on the tree house, do you have any?"  "Yes honey" she called back," in the garage".  He slowly walked to the garage and the boys behind him..he opened the door and ..guess what.."YIPEE" he shouted and they all started laughing, especially Joseph, there it was all shiny and new, sitting there.  He ran in the house, "Mom, who put my bike in the garage?"  "Well I did honey" she said, you forgot and left it on the road, I didn't want anything to happen to it.

For some reason at that moment, he loved his mom more than words could say. He hugged her neck and ran back to the garage. Needless to say from then on, every evening the bike went back into the garage. If we always put our things away, we don't have to worry about losing them . Find a special place for your special things and always put them away. There's a picture of the bike in Amanda's Photo Album Page 4

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