Miranda and The  Oak Tree

Miranda's Mom didn't know how to tell her they were moving.   She knew it had to come soon because she had to start packing.  She was in the closets loading stuff in boxes and Miranda came in. "Mom, what are you doing?"  she ask.  Well this was as good a time as any she thought so she told her to sit down for a minute. "Miranda"  she said.   "We have to move, we need a bigger house, you are growing up and you will need a bigger room of your own, it's very important for you as well as us.  After supper we will set down and talk about it and if you have any questions you can ask them. OK?"   "Yes"  Miranda said, and she sadly walked away.

 Miranda began to think of all the things she had done and all her friends, how was she going to make all new friends again, she was so upset.  She thought  most of all of the big oak tree and every year how Dad would bury her in the leaves and then crawl on his hands and knees and find her and tickled her. How her big brother had built the tree house high in the middle of it and would put her on his back and take her to it.  Poor Miranda, she didn't want to move.

She had an idea, if she could pack her some things in a bag and go to the tree house and hide, she could just live there and then her Mom and dad could visit her, she could live there forever.  She sneaked into her little room and put some jeans and a sweater in a bag,  some cookies and a candy bar, then off she went.  Her brother had built a ladder for the tree house so it was easy for her to climb into it.

As she went up, the leaves were falling to the ground.  Green, yellow and orange. So beautiful, she began to cry again. She laid down and looked through the cracks of the roof and saw the sky and the clouds and she laughed,  She remembered the night it started to rain and her brother and his friends came running in the house, they looked so funny, they were so wet.  Dad went the next day and put some plastic stuff on it for them and he fixed it so the light still came in and they could lay and watch the stars.

Her name was on the big tree and the day she was born and her brothers.....what was she going to do now?   She fell asleep and as she did she went into dream land.  She had a dream that Mom came for her and as she did she walked up a huge stair way and knocked on a big  yellow door and Miranda got up and let her in.  Mom came in and sat in a big purple  rubber chair and it made a funny noise.  She had leaves for a floor and they crunched when she walked, and she gave her Mom some cookies. Mom said "I just came to visit you."   Miranda looked out of the window and there it was,  a walkway all around the big tree and big steps that went right to the house and leaves laying everywhere,  she just wished and then she was in the middle of the leaves and she was rolling and laughing and playing.  She heard her Daddy and he was saying .."I'm  going to find you and he was laughing and trying to tickle her.

Then she heard her Mom calling her name,  "Miranda, where are you?"   She woke up told Mom her dream.  She couldn't move and leave her oak tree.  As they sat at the table she began to cry.  "Baby what's the matter?"  her Mom asked.  "Mom" she said,  "We can't move!  please, what about our Oak tree and the leaves and the tree house and all my friends, please Mom, we can't move.  Miranda's mom got up and came around the table, "honey" she said, we are only moving in the house next door, you will still have your Big Oak tree, your brother is getting married and he is moving in here, so you will always have the big oak tree and the tree house.

Miranda was so happy , she ran out into the yard and hugged the tree and she thought at first she felt a tear drop from the top, she knew it was happy, and she knew her Big Tree was as happy as she was because it let leaves fall all around her and all you could see was her little head.

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