Make Believe Friend (Miss Homemade)  

Once upon a time there was a little girl .  She was very lonely.  She decided to get her a friend, so she made up one and she was so much fun.  Sara was sitting alone in her room and she wanted someone so bad to play with so she looked around her room, on the bed was a little rag doll, she decided to make her real.  She gave her a name...Homemade, yes Miss Homemade.  You know why she called her that? Well she did that because she was made by hand by a neighbor lady and given to Sara when she was a baby. 

She knew Miss Homemade, knew her very well and would be a very good playmate. Sara took her out into the yard in the sunshine and sat her at the table.  "You want some tea"?  she asked Miss Homemade.   Well Miss Homemade sat there and Sara knew that meant yes.  If she didn't she would have gotten down from her chair.  Sara went inside to get some tea and while she was gone, guess what?  Along came Frankie her neighbors dog,  and he saw the rag doll just sitting there.  He grabbed her by the arm and slung her down and when he did her little arm came off.  

About that time Sara came out and she was so hurt, she began to cry and Miss Homemade just looked at her so pitiful.  Mother came out to see what the problem was and Sara told her. "It will be okay" said her Mother, "I will fix her".  Sara's Mother took needle and thread and fixed Miss Homemade better than she was.  She put some tender loving care in her arm and placed a get well kiss on her.  Well with this the little arm began to move and Sara knew it was because Mom had placed tender loving care and the healing kiss that only Mammies have upon her Miss Homemade.

The next day it was raining and poor Sara didn't know what to do so she placed Miss Homemade by the window so she could watch the rain and talk to her.  She put a little jacket on her so she wouldn't get chilly and bent down to kiss her and Miss Homemade's new arm hugged Sara.  Sara decided to fix some snacks so her and her new found friend could eat and play, she went downstairs to get them and while she was gone, Tommy her little brother came in and decided he wanted Miss Homemade's jacket, he pulled and pulled till he got it off,  but what he did was tear poor little Miss Homemade's other arm loose.  

Sara came back with the snacks and she began to cry once more. "Mommy, Mommy" she cried,  please bring your magic needle and thread.  Miss Homemade needs you again.  Mommy sewed her little arm back on with tender loving care and placed another  kiss upon her arm.

That night Sara was sleeping and she had a terrible bad dream and as she cried she rolled over and there was little Miss Homemade with both arms out stretched  and around Sara.  As Sara awoke she looked around and then she saw it, one of Miss Homemade's button eyes had come off during the night.  "Oh no"!  she cried, again she called her Mom to repair her new found friend.  Mommy looked all around and could find the little black button eyes so she found two beautiful blue  buttons and placed them on Miss Homemade and put tender loving care in them and placed a kiss upon her face.  Guess what? Yes, that's right.

When Sara looked at Miss Homemade she looked back at her and blinked her eyes.  Sara was so happy, there was still a problem, she couldn't smile but Sara knew she could handle that, she got a red felt marker and drew a smile on her face and then placed a kiss upon them and when she did, little Miss homemade smiled and giggled and winked her eyes and reached out for a hug from Sara.  Sara was the happiest little girl around, she had a friend now to play with and snuggled with and most special, have tea parties with.  

Always remember your imagination is the most wonderful thing God gave you.  Use it.

To see a picture of Miss Homemade check out Amanda's Picture Album Page 4

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