Little Tommy

The kids were playing and they were having so much fun, it was hot and the cold water from the hose felt so good.  Billy wanted to be in charge.  "Let me have the hose now," he called out loud and clear and the kids all laughed.  They were spraying each other and screaming and laughing.  Tommy wanted to play but he was to small, they always told him to run along and when he got bigger he could come back and play.  "Here", Billy said, "wanna drink of water?" and placed it in Little Tommy's mouth and then let it go. He laughed so hard, it went all over Tommy.  The only problem was Tommy had his good clothes on and didn't want to get wet.  Tommy began to cry and all the kids gathered around him.  "We are sorry" they all said at once.  Billy felt really bad, he walked Tommy home and explained to his Mom what had happen and said he was sorry.

Poor little Tommy was just to small to play with the big kids.  He didn't mean to cry but the water hurt his mouth and got him all wet. Tommy set out to do something big so the kids would let him play with them.  He wasn't really sure about what he could do, but he knew it had to be important so they would know he is bigger on the inside than he is on the outside.  He always told his Mom that, but she would say "Tommy you're too little," and he would say "but I am bigger on the inside,"  and she would hug him and laugh.

Little Suzy was going to the store and she dropped her quarter and it fell in the drain.  She couldn't get it, her arm was to big and she was crying.  Tommy said "what's the matter"  and she said "I dropped my money and I can't get it, my arm's too big.  So Tommy reached into the crack and got her quarter. "Oh thank you," she said and ran down the street.

Poor Tommy just kept walking and looking for something to do, all of a sudden he saw Mrs. Jones, she was pulling her little baby in a wagon and she was all bent over.  Tommy said,  "Mrs. Jones do you want me to pull the baby? I am shorter and it won't hurt my back".  "Oh thank you so much Tommy" she said.  Then as they got to the house Tommy gave her the wagon back and went on down the street looking for something good to do. 

He  saw a little girl and she was crying, he said, "what's the matter?" and she said, "my kitten is up in the tree."  Tommy said, "I can get it for you, I am small and I can climb up there,"  so he did and he handed her the little kitten, she said "Thank you" and took off just smiling.

Poor Tommy, he was still looking for something good to do.  Then he heard a puppy whining and he looked all over for it and then he saw it stuck under a very small bush and his little leg was caught and people were walking by,  they couldn't see the little puppy, but Tommy did.  He reached down and got the bush loose from the little puppy and it just licked him in the face.  He smiled and thought 'I know I am small and I can't do much but this is so wonderful to have a little puppy for a friend'.  He played and played with the puppy and then he knew he had to go home.  He walked very slowly so the little puppy could follow him home.  

As he got closer he noticed a lot of people at his house.  When he went in there it was a big beautiful cake and on the top it said "Thank You Tommy".  Everyone gathered around and told his Mom all the things he had done for them.  Suzy and her quarter, Mrs. Jones and the baby in the wagon, their little girl and the kitten, and most of all the little puppy he saved from the bush that was licking on his hand. 

You see, Little Tommy was big on the outside.  From then on the other kids let him play with them  and they watched over him and protected him.

There is a picture of Tommy and his "Thank You cake" in Amanda's Photo Album Page 8
Harriett Dash 2001