Do you believe in Majik?

Now majik's name is spelled different than the word magic because I wanted him to be different, something special in my life.

This is the story of a wonderful horse and how I got him.

It all begins at my Uncle John's barn. My Popaw and I went over to get hay.  Uncle John told me to go and get a horse out of the field, his name was Majik as in majestic.  He told me to wash him up for him.

I walked down to the ring and whistled for him but I didn't see him anywhere. About that time I heard the pounding of hoof beats coming at me.  There he was, so beautiful, long dark mane that covered his brown coat shimmering in the sun light and his tail was so long it dragged the ground.  He trotted to me like a young colt running for the first time.

About a week later, I lost my big walking horse.  His name was Scud, he was the light of my life.  I loved him with all my heart and thought I would never find another like him.  I still have the reins he had on and the shirt I wore the day he died.

We were looking for another horse when I happened on Majik. I jumped upon his back and I've never been on something so graceful and smooth.

We brought him home and turned him loose in the field.   Later that night I put him  up in the barn.  We went to the barn the next morning and I let him back out in the field.  When I went to get him the next evening, I couldn't find him.  I kneeled down to pull my sock up in my boots and he came over behind me and nudged me in the back so hard, he knocked me over.  I laughed as he took off rearing up and bucking.  He played in the fields for hours as I watched him.

The first time Jonathan came up, he wasn't sure about him. He snorted every time Jonathan would touch me or start horse playing.  After awhile he got used to Jonathan and is okay but still keeps an eye on him if he touches me or gets around me.  I think Majik knows he has found a home at the barn and seems to be very happy.
Victoria Danielle Hicks 2008