Bryena's Day With Dad

Bryena was going to spend the day with her dad alone, this was the first time he had been totally alone with her.  Gordon was a truck driver for a long haul trucking company and was away from home a lot so this was going to be exciting for him also.

The day started with Laura, Bryena's Mother getting a call and she had to go to a work seminar for the week end and there was no sitter.  Gordon said let me do it, I can watch her, we'll have a great Father-Daughter day, it'll be fun. Laura looked at Gordon,  "Honey" she said "you have never watched her alone for one whole day, you don't understand, she will just walk away from you.   You have to watch her very closely."   Bryena loved people and children and had no fear of being hurt or of getting lost, her Mother had always been right there.

Gordon decided to take Bryena to the recreation park and let her ride the rides and just have fun for the day.  When they started out he held her hand and never let go, she pulled and pulled but he remembered the warning Laura had given him.  Finally Bryena told her Dad she wanted some cotton candy so he turned to get it for her,  when he turned around she was gone. "Oh no", said Gordon, he yelled for her "Bryena, Bryena,"  he called and then he heard her.  "Daddy" she called.  He looked up and there she was with two other kids at the top of the Ferris wheel.  He just stood very still until she got off,  then reached for her hand . He went and bought a little child strap and put it on his wrist and attached it to hers, there he thought 'I can feel her tugging at it and  know she's there' . 

They saw two clowns and they were standing there and Gordon was laughing. He could feel her on the strap so he wasn't worried, then he looked down and saw that she had tied it around a little puppies neck and was gone. Gordon was scared again. He didn't think he could take this much more.  He started yelling again."Byrena, Bryena"  he called.  "Daddy"  he heard her yell, "up here."   She was in the swings with a little boy just laughing and having a wonderful time.  This time he thought 'we are going home, my heart can't take this'.

On the way home he had to stop for gas.  He got her by the hand and said "honey you have to go with Daddy, okay?"   She went inside with him. He turned to pay for the gas and she was gone again.  He asked the lady "did you see a little blonde haired girl with blue eyes?" and the lady said  "No sir I didn't."  He saw a little boy standing next to the candy counter.  He went over to him, "excuse me" he said, "did you see" ... about that time she turned around,  it was Bryena, she had found a cap she liked and put her hair under it and she looked like a little boy, she smiled and said  "Daddy can I have this cap?"  "Yes Darling,"  he said with a sigh of relief. "We are going swimming where I can watch you"  he said and they went home.

The rest of the day went smooth, Bryena was worn out by the end of the day,  after she got through swimming she wrapped her arms around her daddies neck and said  "Daddy I love you", and  fell asleep.  Gordon wished he could fall asleep also but was scared to take his eyes off of her.  Laura came home and she looked at Bryena and kissed her on the forehead.  She woke up, "Did you have a nice day?" asked Laura.  "Oh yes" she said, but Mommy, Daddy  is worn out ...  because he kept getting lost.......

To see pictures of Bryena and her dad on their day out, check out Amanda's Photo Album.  Page 8

Harriett Dash 2001