Wonderful World of a Child



A childís world is so very real
One they can reach out and touch and feel.
Backward in time I must take my flight
To have the heart of a child  tonight.

To bounce a ball or play in the floor
To hide in closets or behind a door.
Listen to the voice when a child does speak
To run and play hide and seek.

The innocent  sound that fills a room with joy
Always looking for another toy.
Does not worry about tomorrow or today
Just let it come, come what may.

This is the way it should be
Iím telling you this from the child in me.
Try, take one day and be a child
I promise you it will be worth while.

It will place a smile upon your face
There is no feeling to take its place.
The peace and love, the serenity
Just let go and let it be.

© Harriett Dash 2002    


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