What Happened to The Baby?


My heart has enlarged because with time it had to.
To make room for all the love I have for you.
You have blessed our lives with emotions of every kind.
You have teased and caused us to just about lose our mind.

Never knowing what you were going to do or say.
And its no different to this day.
When you were small you were such a little girl.
We never understood how you could rule our world.

But as you grew older we could more understand.
How you could always get the upper hand.
Those big brown eyes with so many secrets hidden within.
Your world you have had to always defend.

You say you were never ever wrong in deed or thought.
Even when in the deed you were caught.
You could pucker up them lips and say "not me".
Iím as innocent as can be.

And the way you said it was so sweet and sounded so true.
We wondered who was playing these tricks on you.
You are a heart stealer and that youíll always be.
I just hate sometimes the heart you stole was from me.

Now I am weak and cannot find any wrong in you.
I think you are the love of my life no matter what you say and do.

© Harriett Dash 2002  

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