Watching Over Delaney


Niki and Delaney Kirgus

We are different when a child is born unto us
God thought us special with them to trust.
Mothers are special in every way
They can handles two jobs from day to day.

But top priority in all the land
Is always for Baby, to be on hand.
Niki knows Delaney is special first of all
Like the best Mom, she is always on call.

She works her job and then comes home
She never lets her child feel alone.
Quality time is saved, all her laughter and joy
To give to Baby with all her toys.

There are places in your heart that you know not
But they are not hidden from your tiny tot.
The will search for it with laughter and tears
Your heart of love just gets bigger with the years.

Upon their feet the little shoes you put in place
Its hard to see with the tears running down your face.
You can see the amazement in Nikiís eyes
As Delaney grows so fast to her surprise.

It seems as if she was born just yesterday
A year has passed quickly on its way.
But one thing for sure we also know
With the child the heart does grow.

God knew just what he was doing when he invented a Mother
There's  not a creature on earth like them, no not another.

©  Harriett Dash 2002