Touch Of The Master's Hand



Touch of the Master's Hand

As he sat with pencil and paper in his little hand
He was so serious about this picture of a man.
His Mom spoke so softly, what are you drawing there
He seems to have an awful lot of hair.


He said I am drawing a picture of Jesus canít you see
She knelt down beside him on bended knee.
She didnít believe in Jesus or heaven up above
Her heart had never been softened by the savior's love.


Honey, she said  no one knows what Jesus looks like
He looked up with eyes so sweet, they will after tonight.
You see Mom, I remember cause I used to be there
And he really, really, does have long hair.


He has eyes that sparkle with a smile inside
With this she got up walked away and cried.
The touch of a child in the masterís hand
Is all we need to reach the heart of a man.
    © By Harriett Dash 2001   



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