Tory and Tonya


Into these eyes are sparkles of youth and joy.
What life is all about in Tonya and Tory.
They are best friends and making memories for their life.
They laugh and play have trouble and strife.

They think of each other as every day goes by.
When Tonya is home for her Tory does cry.
They swing on the swing set and play in the pool.
They used to go to the same school.

They ride on their bikes around and around.
It doesnít matter if they cover no ground.
As long as they are together to laugh and play.
They donít want it any other way.

Tonya is a match for Tory and has a mind of her own.
When Tonya is at her Grammaís, Tory wonít come home.
I think itís so wonderful to have a best friend.
To talk about life and broken hearts mend.

To giggle about boys on McDonalds playground.
To play together in the bubbles and go round and round.
They can go to church together and love Jesus too.
What more could you ask of these precious two?

But watch them close and watch what they do in fun.
For as all little girls do theyíll keep you on the run.


© By Harriett Dash 7/15/2001