The Shadow

A shadow is one of a kind in every way
Its always under your feet and will never stray.
It may not hold to your hand all the time
But its our shadow, yours and mine.

Sometimes it looms up over your head
In a street light  it fills your heart with dread.
It will sneak up and sometimes even go around
But it  always stays close to the ground.

I have seen them climb up a wall
But for some reason I've never seen one fall.
I think its really, really neat
Because they are always glued to your feet.

One thing I know is a fact
When the sun goes down for a shadow we do  lack.
But believe this and in your heart know
Even if you don't see it,  It's where ever you go.

Its fat and skinny , long and tall
But when we were born, one was given to us all.
You always have a friend standing near by
When the sun comes up on it you can rely.

It can be what you want it to be
Get a flashlight and you will see.
An Eagle, a butterfly or just funny things
But always a giggle and a burst of laughter it will bring.

So hang on to your shadow and keep it near by
It will laugh when you laugh and cry when you cry.
Your shadow is different than any other
"IT" will stick closer than a friend or a brother.

By Harriett Dash 2001    


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