The Little Pony



The Little Pony

Pretty Boy is a pony and he's so very small.
Only short girls can ride him because he's not so tall.
He has a cute little saddle and loves to be rode.
But because he's small, can't carry a heavy load.

He likes it when he's brushed and  sprayed with the water hose.
He lifts his head up  high when it hits his nose.
We laughed and laughed the other day when from his stall he leaped..
He has a bad leg but he's very fast on his feet.

He was so excited to be out in the sunshine .
He ate the grass and drank his water and burped so very fine.
If you've never seen  a pony burp then you just don't know.
You can watch the water come out of his mouth and nose.

It flies all over you and gets even in your face.
You can't run fast enough to miss the slobber race.
All you can do is  laugh because he will  look at you.
And just wonder  what you are  going to do.

Harriett Dash 2001    



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