My Nephews






   My Nephews

My little nephews are  not so small
But are now  young men standing tall.
These boys were precious and I knew from the start 
That they could pull the strings to your heart.

Notice the smile upon the little ones face
He could tattle and put the oldest in his place.
I gave them my heart and it is now still  there
In my life for them all I did was care.

Children have a mind of their own
I knew the day would come when they would leave home.
For some reason some keep coming back
But that's okay for love they do not lack.

For home is where the heart is and is still
For them I am always there for my love is real.
An Auntie's love will always remain strong
For her nephews can do no wrong.

No matter how grown up they get to be
My nephews  will always  belong to me.

Harriett Dash 2001    


Backgrounds by:
 Haven Of Love Design