My Morgan


The Little Girl

Once upon a time there was a little girl
Who lived alone in her own little world.
When she wanted balloons, she looked up and said 4-5-7
And the colored balloons would fall from heaven.

We know not where or from whence they came
They all had their very own names.
She was only a little girl and not an elf
No one knew how she did this by her self.

All things were possible in her thoughts and in her mind
She was so special and to us one of a kind.
She'd talk to her dollies and they would smile
She walked and talked with her own style.

She loves little dresses with buttons and bows
She has big brown eyes and a little turned up nose.
A smile from her will melt your heart into
She is perfect, in everything she sets out to do.

She is called Moms baby and Daddy's little girl
With a brand new dress she twirls and twirls.
She's a beautiful little girl with dark long lashes
Of course she's perfect, she belongs to the -----

Now all grown but still the same
Very smart and ahead of the game.
She takes life with the Lord on her side each day
She belongs to Him and us and will never stray.

She'll always be special and my number one
She was the beginning when my grandbabies begun.

Harriett Dash 1999     

To all Grandmothers in the world, you'll know where I am coming from on this one, our first.  This child we know came from heaven, I felt that someone left the doors to heaven open and she wandered into our life.  She has always been among the best things that has happened to us and still is.