My Grandbabies


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  My Grandbabies
A day never goes by, they aren't on my mind
So I write it down one thing at a time.
For a later date when I know there will be a blank space
A time when I try to think and nothing takes place.
Days seem so busy and time just keeps passing by
There are times of laughter and times I cry.
My Grandbabies look at me and I see their love and a need
These are good times and a smile comes from me.

I brace myself as they come running 
Toward me with a grin on their face.
Nothing in this world can ever take their place.

They can make the sun shine and bring a tear to your eye
When you can't  hold them, it makes you want to cry.
Please don't grow up too fast my babies full of love
Because you make my day with a great big hug.
They walk real slow and so do we as we follow their lead
That's why we are special, we walk their speed.
We will gladly rock, take a nap or sit in a chair
When they leave us in a certain place we will stay.
We can wait even if it's all day.

We are in no hurry to get from here to there
And they feel the same so these feelings we share.
I'll read these thoughts on a different day and date
When no thoughts come to mind and I can't concentrate.

By Harriett Dash 1999