My Baby Girl




My Baby Girl

She may be little but she walks very tall
Life is not serious, to her it's a ball.
She can be a princess all cute and sweet
Or a little rascal that can't be beat.

She's her daddy's girl and all the world can see
He thinks she's everything an angel should be.
But being her mother I know better than this
When I catch her in something, 
she just squirms and twist.

I'll tell my daddy, you're in trouble you'll see
My daddy always believes in me.
Then I back down and kinda move away
I know she's won the battle another day.

I think it's cute when she pinches his nose 
and messes up his hair
He doesn't care as long as she's there.
She starts to fall and grabs his ruffled shirt
He doesn't care as long as she doesn't get hurt.

He just shuts his eyes and forces a smile
Tries to get away with grace and style.
But she grabs and holds onto his sleeve
What's the matter Daddy, 
trying to get away from me.

He picks her up and kisses her cheek
It doesn't matter, he no longer looks neat.

"Oh, my precious baby so sweet and small"

by Harriett Dash 2001