My Baby Dolls



My Baby Dolls

Now they all have names and a personality.
And the baby ones name is Timothy.
He is a little hyper and likes to sing and play.
We keep him in his chair with straps that stay.

Then there is Lisa, well she cries a lot.
She thinks when she's with her mommy, she's all mommy's got.
She is so jealous that's why she whines and cries.
So when the other dolls are near we cover up her eyes.

Now Benjamin is so precious, he just sits and looks.
We know he loves to stare at pictures in a book.
So we just give him all he wants and he just looks around.
He is so precious, he never makes a sound.

Then there is Stephanie and Crissy, they are great.
For a party they are never late.
Crissy talks and talks until told to stop.
Connie fixes hair at her own beauty shop.

Well now for the twins, Andy and Kim.
She is shy but not so for him.
He plays tricks and always has a smile.
When he grows up, he'll have his own style.

Now Kim is backward and kinda shy.
But Andy knows just how to make her cry.
He takes her pacy and won't give it back.
She just smiles at him and over his eyes pulls his cap.

Now Amanda is the precious one, so many stories to tell.
She is the oldest and cares for them so well.
They all hear her when she speaks for they all know.
She is the big sister and is in charge wherever they go.

  Harriett Dash 2002  



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