What Are Little Girls 

Made Of?

Little Girls

Sugar and Spice 

And Everything Nice!

Little Girls
(Serria Walker)

Little girls are made of Daddy's dreams
They fill his world, they are everything.
To them Daddy is a big strong man
You get lost in the touch of his hand.

There is nothing a daddy can't do
Daddy always has time for you.
A Daddy will always put the paper down
When a little girl makes a sound.

Daddy, I fell down today
A kiss makes the pain go away.
Up in the air he can toss his little girl
Yet she feels safe in daddy's world.

When they grow up and go on their own
Part of Daddy leaves the home.
No matter how grown up, it's in her mind
My Dad is one of a kind.

It will take a  very special man
To hold me like my daddy can.
To make my troubles all go away
My daddy always knows what to say.

In the beginning the foundation was laid
Yes, a little girl is of daddy's dreams made.


Harriett Dash 2001    


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