Gramma's House 

Gramma's house from parents 
Is a wonderful and grand hide-away.
A place where reality is just a game 
To act out and play.
They ride my back and try 
To get to the top of my head.
They play hide and seek in my closets 
And jump up and down on my bed

When they run with joy and open arms
Upon me they crawl.
I brace my self in hopes not to slip 
Tumble and to the floor, fall.
Every time they see me 
For some reason they scream with joy.
For some silly reason they seem to think 
They have found a new toy.

I still hear the laughter 
And the beautiful sound of voice ring.
How they showed me all the songs 
They knew and could sing.
Now the toys are scattered 
Around the room with tender loving care.
You can tell by the quietness 
The children have been there.

By Harriett Dash 1995